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Tara Dickinson
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Bamboo. The most magical and sustainable of materials. According to Britannica, bamboo, which is technically a grass, is a tree-like member of the Poaceae family. Bamboo’s sustainability lies in its versatility.

  • Humans have been eating and building with bamboo for thousands of years.
  • There are more than 1,400 different species of bamboo in existence.
  • The largest concentration can be found in Southeast Asia. Also grows in Africa, Australia, Latin America, and southern regions of the U.S.

Why sustainable?

  1. Easy to grow with no need for pesticides or fertilizers.
  2. Self-regenerates from its roots and can thrive in shallow, rocky soil.
  3. It grows to its maximum height within one growing season and will regenerate and return the next season just as strongly.
  4. Bamboo has been measured to grow up to 3 feet in a 24-hour period! It takes decades to produce the amount of Oak that can be produced in only three years with Bamboo.
  5. According to The Guardian, bamboo produces 35 percent more oxygen than a tree of equivalent mass. It can also absorb as much as 12 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare per year.
  6. And on top of all that, Bamboo is stronger than steel as shared by Interesting Engineering.

So let’s dive into this fast-growing grass that ranges in a variety of colors from beige to blonde to warm browns and fresh greens and how to use Bamboo in a home decor style guide.

bambooMore Eco-Friendly Virtues of Bamboo For Home Decor

Aesthetically pleasing with a tranquil vibe, bamboo is a stylish earth-friendly sustainable element that fits in with many home decor styles.

  1. This eco-exotic wood is so flexible that it can be made into anything from building structures to clothing.
  2. A renewable and safe material for the environment.
  3. Production and harvest are much less harsh than other building materials.
  4. Rapid growth makes it a desirable product for crop choices.
  5. Maintaining bamboo products is easy to manage. With a regular coat of protectant, your bamboo piece will last for years and years.

Asian Decor Theme

Although there are several different Asian style themes for home decor, one of them includes the more Zen-like stylings of minimal design and uses a lot of natural bamboo materials. Seen in floor mats, wall coverings, window shades, actual bamboo plants, and other related accents. This guide outlines the various styles and how to employ the decorating techniques for each.

Bamboo Wall Textures

Bamboo applications for wall decor in your home come in the form of panels, textured wallpaper, bamboo boards, and bamboo slats.

Bamboo As A Room Or Wall Divider

With the different colors, sizes, and styles of bamboo that are available, making a stylish wall divider with just the plant stems themselves becomes an attractive decor accent.

  • Use in large rooms as a divider between different ‘zones’.
  • Another idea is to line an entryway or foyer with these bamboo stylings, leading guests with a natural pathway into your home.

Bamboo Flooring

A quite versatile and hardy element, bamboo is a superb alternative to traditional wood flooring mostly for its affordability and sustainability. Other benefits include:

  • It has anti-microbial properties.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Durable.
  • DIY-friendly.
  • Pest resistant.

Bamboo Window Coverings

Providing elements of texture and nature, bamboo window shades are a nice alternative when you want to opt for a more natural look in your home decor.

  • They gently allow outdoor sunlight to filter into the room.
  • The bamboo shade look is one that has a tranquil aesthetic working perfectly in a modern minimalist home.
  • Use tones of bright white in your paint colors or furniture and linen choices to allow the earthy wood tones of bamboo to stand out as an elegant contrast makes for an attractive presentation.

Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo furniture comes in every type of furnishing piece you can consider: bed frames, chairs, tables, shelves, cabinets, decor accents, and even light and lamp bases.

Benefits of bamboo furniture include:

  • It’s durable.
  • Lightweight like wicker and easy to move.
  • Works in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Painted Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo furniture that has been painted or has painted sections as part of its design is quite a handsome furniture piece to include in your bamboo home decor decorating. You’ll usually find colors in forest greens, mimicking the natural shades of live bamboo. And black is another popular color to paint the traditionally varied brown hues of bamboo. Look for these types of painted bamboo furniture accents in:

  • Bedside tables.
  • Chair and sofa frames.
  • Console tables.
  • Decorative storage trunks.
  • Picture frames.


Bamboo Mirror Accent

As discussed in almost all our style guides, mirrors make wonderful decor accents. Being anything from an over-the-mantel focal point, to the room’s main artistic element, mirrors add layers of depth, light, and space to any room.

  • Finding a mirror with a bamboo frame in either round, square, or rectangular shapes should not be a challenge as they are quite popular.
  • Adding a bamboo mirror accent is a fun and easy way to add the element of bamboo to your home.
  • Note: they work great in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Bamboo Plant Accents

Bringing in some live bamboo plants is really a delightful way to showcase this gorgeous element in your home.

  • Bamboo’s texture, colors, and variety of shapes and sizes make it such an interesting plant to have as a home accent addition.
  • For some reason, it brings a sense of calm and tranquility to a space. Ideal for a home office or a restful boudoir setting.

Bamboo Basket Accents

Because of its flexibility, bamboo is easily be woven into decorative as well as functional basket shapes and containers. Using bamboo baskets is another way to add this beautiful natural element to your home decor.

Bamboo Bathroom Decor

Here’s a striking example of using bamboo in a washroom setting. And as we love living an eco-friendly lifestyle, one can’t help including bamboo toothbrushes! By switching to a bamboo toothbrush you’ll never have to add another disposable piece of this plastic to landfills again. Plastic toothbrushes are not recyclable and are almost impossible to break down and only do so into microplastics. With over 1 billion thrown away each year, you can make a huge difference in this number.

Outdoor Bamboo Decor Ideas

  • Bamboo fence ideas take up whole Pinterest pages so let our creativity shine when using bamboo in this manner. Horizontal, vertical, painted, stained, natural- the texture and variety of colors available in bamboo styles are diverse and pliable for creative fencing projects.
  • Outdoor bamboo furniture is really the same furniture you can use inside the home.
  • In other countries, bamboo is used to create whole outdoor rooms, such as this outdoor bamboo shower.



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