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Tara Dickinson
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Crisp, clean, bright whites, and nautical details. The central elements of a sailing theme for room decor. This look is about bringing in your love for the open ocean waters and all the accouterments that entail navigating its secrets ashore into your home. Since humankind has been sailing for millennia, this is a timeless style that adds an element of cool breezes and no-nonsense accents to the decor. Different than a coastal home theme which takes its cues from the beach life with softer color tones and accessories of shells and other sea life. If you dream of decorating your home with all manner of sailing-inspired elements, let’s see how to apply this style in a classy and modern manner. A quick summary of a sailing theme room style guide:

  • White and blue color palette.
  • Wood and natural fibers.
  • Sailing details in metal and vintage accents.

Sailing Color Palette

Other than white, navy blue will be the anchoring color for sailing-themed rooms. A rich color choice, navy blue also manages to be a complementing shade to just about any other color as well.

  • Bright white walls.
  • Accent walls in shades of ocean and navy blues.
  • Cherry wood.
  • Weathered wood neutral tan tones.
  • Blue textiles.
  • Both brick and bright red accents.
  • A simple and classic style, sailing-themed rooms tend to focus on one main color choice.

Shiplap Sailing Wall Texture

Shiplap is a type of tight interlocking board that is used on the outside of boat hulls as well as the outside of homes. When brought into the home, it makes for a nice textured wall adornment. It will immediately add that shipyard sailing boat with the added element of feeling rustic and refined.

  • If shiplap is not readily available, a simple tongue-and-groove will add the same visual texture to a space.
  • Both have a clean and minimal aesthetic.
  • Traditionally painted white, when adding shiplap to an accent wall, say behind a bed or as the wainscotting around a room, painted in one of the deep shades of ocean blues makes for an outstanding statement in a room’s decor.
  • And stripes have always been a sailing decor staple so you can’t go wrong with this wall texture.

Sailing Patterns

The strip motif literally goes hand in hand with sailing-inspired decor. The  Breton stripe is most famous and was introduced to the world of sailing in the late 1800s as part of the French navy uniforms.

  • A blue and white horizontal striped pattern immediately conjures images of sailors and ships, thus making it perfect to add as part of your sailing-themed decor.
  • Chevrons are part of the sailing-themed decor as well.
  • As are checks.
  • Anchors, compasses, and sailors’ knots can also be found on wallpapers and patterned textiles, or bed linens in sailing-themed homes.


Furniture pieces in a room that are going for a sailing theme are mostly based on wood and metal options.

  • The nautical style is clean-cut, not many frills or opulence.
  • Painted wood is a perfect option (white & navy blues, even a brick red accent piece).
  • Varnishes in darker shades & cherry browns.
  • Look to mimic the feel of canvas sails with thicker fabric items in your textural accents, such as an area rug or window coverings.
  • White and nave blue (plus striped) upholstered sofas and chairs with straightforward seating options are common in sailing-themed rooms as well.


Embroidery Details

Adding a blue monogram to your crisp white sheets practically screams sailing-inspired decor.

  • With a touch of custom embroidery you’ll bring in that lavish naval look and feel.

Rope Details

Ships wouldn’t be able to sail without their ropes. Thus you can see why they make the perfect accent to a sailing-themed room. The addition of rope in home decor accessories has gotten very creative, with rope being included in many fun ways.

  • Rope lamp bases.
  • An area rug made from reclaimed rope.
  • Rope wall hangings.
  • Rope pendants for lighting elements

Thrifted Art

Select one focal point accent wall for a room and go wild in installing a collection of old-world sailing paintings.

  • These are most readily found at your local quality secondhand shops.
  • Textiles with nautical-inspired embroidery are selections that would also make ideal artistic additions.
  • Display in combination with a few other sailing-related accents and you’ll have a classy decorative wall that makes your home feel right at sea.

MISC. Ship Accents

  • Brass instruments.
  • Drift wood.
  • Lifesaver.
  • Sea glass.


Sailing-inspired room decor involves using materials that are associated with the ocean and ships, imparting the spirit of adventure. It’s a feeling of sea-breeze freshness with the lifestyle of those living on the water. Remember to use colors in shades of the ocean and of the sky. Natural wood for the walls, floors, and furniture completes the look. Used sparingly, marine prints of boats, steamers, anchors, and steering wheels on textiles are considerations as well. Use a gentle touch when adding your favorite sailing-related accents, such as an hourglass, a treasure map, steamer trunks, and nautical life.




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