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Tara Dickinson
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Trending for the last few years now, area rugs have been elevated to a high art form where they are literally imitating works of fine art, thus the name painterly rug style. Artisan weavers from around the world have been able to advance their dyeing techniques to achieve remarkable depths of color similar to the way a painter creates shadow and depth with layers of paint. Add in the process of slightly cutting different sections of the fabric which adds even further dimension. Combining different textiles, such as wool, cotton, hemp, and silk, these painterly rug styles accomplish new levels of artistic creations in the world of area rugs.

painterly rugMost painterly rugs are of the more abstract family, although there is of course a variety with recognizable patterns, grids, and nature-inspired art, the majority seem to follow inspiration from the great impressionistic artists. The end result:

  • An added sense of movement and flow to a room.
  • A softening of sharp angles and edges that some furniture designs create.
  • Rugs that are a work of art in their own right and could easily be hung as a gallery piece on the wall.
  • Painterly rugs can have both a more muted effect on your room, or they could easily stand alone as a striking focal point.

Painterly Rugs As A Room Accessory

If you don’t have wall-to-wall carpet, throw rugs are an essential accessory in creating a softer and quieting atmosphere. And this accessory is a piece that has so many options available. From plush and comfy, to textured and patterned, the styles and choices available in throw rugs are so versatile that there will be several options for everyone.

Choosing The Right Size Rug

Choose a rug that is BIGGER than the designated area where you want to place it. When smaller throw rugs are placed, they can actually end up making the space feel fragmented. One large rug with wild style can make the entire area feel cohesive and larger. Remember to choose colors and fabrics that are easily cleaned and won’t stain or fade too quickly over time.

Benefits of Area Rugs

Area rugs help ground furniture groupings, define rooms, and add more interest to a space. Placing all your furniture on the area rugs is a very decent and high-end look that adds a note of luxuriousness to your home. Painterly area rugs can really transform a space; these might be one of the elements you can splurge a little on. If your home or apartment has hard floors in any material, adding a painterly throw rug has benefits such as:

  • Adding a layer of softness.
  • Reducing echoing effects, better acrostics.
  • They can instantly act as an update as part of a remodel project.

Hanging Painterly Rugs As Art

The style, patterns, and designs available in painterly throw rugs have definitely been elevated to the level of art. An artistic rug will make such an impact on your space that you might consider spending a little more green on one of these high-quality artistic renditions.

  • You no longer have to think of rugs for placement just on the floor.
  • Find a rug you simply adore? Place it on a wall for major display impact.
  • Choosing to spend a little more on a quality throw rug will upgrade a home’s sense of luxury.

Decor Guides For Painterly Rugs

Since the range of images and artistic looks available in painterly rugs is so vast, these types of floor decor can work well in many different interior design-themed homes. Some popular ones include:


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