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Milan, the heart of Italy, famous for its fashion, art, and financial district. But of course also famous for its history of design and designers. Every year since the 1960’s Milan has held the 'Salone del Mobile' also referred to as the Milan Furniture Fair, the most influential exhibition of its kind and the capital of interior design. Considered the birthplace of contemporary interior design, Italy has long been a source of leading names when it comes to incredible designers. You are probably familiar with some of the most famous Italian companies in upholstery and furniture: Giorgio ArmaniVersaceFornasettiGucciNate Berkus, and Hermes.

Milan and Italian designers have mastered an aesthetic that honors creativity and values craftsmanship, creating eclectic and versatile decor that inspire people around the world. For your sourcing needs of outstanding Italian home decor products these are some top names to consider:

  • Molteni furnishings
  • FontanaArte light fixtures
  • Teuco bathroom fixtures


The city of Milan has been alive since 600 B.C.E. It has had a few different names and rulers in that period of time, but the ancient architecture and Roman historical background play into the Milan Home Decor Style. All over the city, buildings, homes, and apartments are continuously being renovated to updated modern standards. But interior designers are always aware of the original frescoes, mouldings, and other architectural details that give each space its unique character. These details are highly recognized and furnishings can be minimal to draw attention to its historic structure.

And as always, Milan style decor takes into account the existing architecture and uses design and furnishings to compliment the space through the use of colors inspired by the local surroundings, natural materials, and soft shapes as seen in the two following exterior home area photos.

It is also important to note that in Italy, taking care of one’s home is a priority. In Italian culture the home plays a fundamental role as a gathering place for the whole family. The decor changes as the generations of family members change over time but the overall decor style is one of timeless simplicity. That’s why you will see home furnishing collections diverse with pieces to impress and interesting details in a wide variety of different styles to suit every taste.


Current trends in Milan interior decorating and design are as innovative and impressive as you’d expect from a city of creative geniuses. Right now we’re seeing:

  • A blend of contemporary and traditional styles.
  • A contemporary take on Italian Modernism.
  • A merging of artistic and functional furnishings.
  • Classic concepts still hold value.
  • Spacious and comfortable interiors, riding the wave of lockdown cosyness.
  • Intimate and inviting decor that looks bright and creative.

We’re seeing furniture that has:

  • Armchairs and sofas with metal frames and comfortable large cushions.
  • Sitting pieces upholstered in colorful fabrics.
  • Coffee tables in different sizes with marble tops and curved metal legs.
  • A blend of materials: stone, metal, wood.
  • Simple and curvy shapes.
  • A mix of bright and neutral colors and finishes.
  • Modern furniture pieces that look different, fresh, and attractive.


There seems to be three different approaches going on in Milan style interior decor.

1. The first most classic and popular is the ‘dark and moody’ theme that you might recognize and most easily associate with Milan and the classic Italian style. Shadowy, enigmatic, and sophisticated dark hues add an interesting flair to a room, providing a seductive, luxurious vibe.

2. Color-blocking is currently trending in Milan decor as seen in the 2021 fashion week presentations. This technique uses contrasting colors in different blocks, shapes, and lines to give your space an energetic feel while adding personality to the interior. Look for geometries, lines, shapes, patterns while matching complementary colors: warm vs cool hues in a visually appealing esthetic.

3. The earthy beige color palette is the third color combination going on. This has been seen in many other interior decor styles, from Country, to Mountain, to Mexican, where everyone is feeling a sort of nesting and grounding need while we are spending much more time in the home environment.


To easily bring a notable part of the Milan style into your home, you can’t go wrong by introducing a piece of classic art merged with your more modern contemporary design.

  • This is a favorite interior design trend.
  • It’s a luxurious aesthetic of elegant sculptures, ancient figures, and artworks.
  • A meeting of rich history and ancient traditions with modern furnishings.


Milan interior decor has a soft spot for artistic statement pieces. Living in a city surrounded by craftsmen and women of all kinds, Italians love to find uniquely curated and crafted statement pieces to add a contemporary and unique ambiance to a room.


Milan style and marble truly go hand-in-hand. From countertops, to tables, to kitchen elements, to pieces of art, any and all insertion of marble into your Milan designed home will work perfectly. This noble material has the unique ability to bring a beautiful rough elegance to any space. By being open to embracing textures, materials, and organic shapes in your use of marble, your room will achieve a unique Milanese style.


The social center of a Milan home is the living room. Here the Milanese style runs from an ornate and classic decor to a more updated modern contemporary version that merges the two styles. Whatever your choice, use the various elements outlined in this guide to put your living room decor together.

  1. Choosing one of the three color palettes discussed above.
  2. Using the classic elements of art and marble as well as attention to architectural detail as part of the plan.
  3. Placing furnishings and accents in a well throughout manner then allows for a smooth flow of space from one room to the next.


Personal preference is the rule of the day when choosing your sofa in your Italian designed home. There are SO many styles that would work perfectly it is really up to you to choose the centerpiece of the living room. But consider that the sofa is an important, maybe the most important piece in this room. It’s for hours of relaxation, family gatherings, and parties with your friends. Milan style leans towards a sophisticated contemporary look.


Although the Milan kitchen is the heart of the home with many members of the family working together to prepare meals and festivities, it is also very modernized and has become characterized by functionality. Ergonomics and usability of spaces have been designed to allow you to work in the kitchen while having everything within arm’s reach. The look is more streamlined and modern while still including personal accents and decor details that are special to each home’s occupants.


Italian Milan design, like the rest of the country, is inspired by its region. The outcome is one of an eclectic variety of different emotions that are expressed in a home's interior decor. The use of contemporary and rural elements is paramount as well as the ever evolving sense of eco-responsibility as we continue to see the additions of upcycled and reclaimed materials entering the home and furnishing arenas.


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