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Tara Dickinson
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The center of commerce, trade, and art for centuries, Europe’s a multicultural continent with a rich history. Often considered the birthplace of some of the most influential art, literature, and fashion, Europe has been an inspiration in the creative spheres for hundreds of years. It’s not difficult to understand why the refined arts and culture from the various European regions have continued to cast their magical shadows into lives and homes around the world.

Merged with sensational scenery and the god-like size and expressiveness of the Spanish, Italian, and French architectural monuments, the European style has invaded the hearts and style palettes of designers and home decorators around the world. It’s about finding the sweet spot, the essence of effortless sophistication that these European styles exude. This round-up of our top ten European home style guides will give you detailed outlines, examples, and the how-to’s to bring the same refined style into your home.

Top Ten European Style Guides In Review



It may seem simplistic, but the basis of any European decor style starts with a neutral foundation that can be customized and built upon with carefully chosen color palettes and decor accents that become individualized to a specific design theme. Walls bathed in neutral tones allow all the delicacies of European art to take center stage. From French velvet chaise lounges to Italian textiles on upholstered furnishings, to iron and metal work details that the Spanish artisans bring to the table.


The overarching European style is a combination of Old World Charm meets artistic offbeat touches for a unique balance of traditional and Bohemian down-to-earth beauty. Although Europeans relish their history they are also very in touch with the modern world and current artistic influences. That combination is a perfect blend of traditional foundations with contemporary art and decor accents. Add a slight hint of opulence for the perfect arrangement.


Avid art fans, a European home will absolutely have generous displays of works of art in all mediums. European decor finds a balance between ultra-modern styles and ornate details that culminate in a vision of romance and generational homestyle life.

Country French Home Decor Style Guide

A design theme that is timeless, Country French decor remains popular because it reflects an elemental connection to nature, to mother earth. This decor style has been designed around a carefully laid out plan that balances functionality while inviting occupants and guests to live with ease. Country French decor is the blending of rustic-worn fabrics, old metal, and faded paint with grand accents such as antique tapestries, wall sconces, a chandelier, and fine china. All of these elements are combined to ultimately present a collection of curated luxury. While there are definite guides to follow, ultimately Country French decor is about showcasing your personality with beautiful art, vintage objects, handcrafted elements, and all things you adore.

French Home Decor Style Guide

The foundation of French interiors is equally about design and lifestyle. It is elegance combined with practical luxury and a seamlessly joining of old and new. It’s an effortless appearance that has been planned to accommodate the way you live. A home with areas to lounge, creative storage, and simplicity of functional spaces, all to make daily life flow smoothly. Good French decor can only exist if the space is well-thought-out in terms of use. From the furniture to the aesthetics, it should all have a function. The decor is there to reflect the personality and life of its occupants. It's better to have fewer elements in a room, like beautiful vintage pieces or handcrafted objects, than too much of a good thing.

German Home Decor Style Guide

The German style is attracted to naturalness and simplicity, to almost a point of primitiveness. German design places emphasis on quality and natural materials for furnishings. Plants are considered an important detail of the interior of every room. And while minimalism remains center stage, personal touches are important and where individual style can shine. German designers feel a home should be an expression of the owner's personality. It’s this notion that finds a combination of many home decor styles in a German interior.

Mediterranean Home Decor Style Guide

World wide appeal…salty ocean breezes blowing through ancient cities, full of exotic spices, multiple languages, and cultures. This is the feeling of a Mediterranean-style home. Mediterranean style decor is often referred to as “Spanish modern,” covering a range of styles that include simple and functional to decidedly formal. These colors, textures, sights, and sounds inspire feelings of comfort, relaxation, and happy gatherings. To bring the mixture of Spanish, Greek, and Islamic influences are brought into the home with some creative decorating. Some of the defining characteristics of this style include:

  • Courtyards
  • Large exterior windows
  • Low-pitched, tiled roof
  • Open style
  • Stucco and brick siding
  • Shaded alcoves
  • Sunny pools

Milan Style Home Decor Guide

Italian Milan design is inspired by its region. The outcome is one of an eclectic variety of different emotions that are expressed in a home's interior decor. The use of contemporary and rural elements is paramount as well as the ever-evolving sense of eco-responsibility as we continue to see the additions of upcycled and reclaimed materials entering the home and furnishing arenas. The overall decor style is one of timeless simplicity. That’s why you will see home furnishing collections diverse with pieces to impress and interesting details in a wide variety of different styles to suit every taste.

  • A blend of materials: stone, metal, wood.
  • Simple and curvy shapes.
  • A mix of bright and neutral colors and finishes.
  • Modern furniture pieces look different, fresh, and attractive.

Moroccan Themed Home Decor Style Guide

Moroccan interior design is extremely grounding, embracing, and sensual. This style feels calming and welcoming, creating a sort of indoor paradise and tranquil oasis from the chaos of the outside world. A blend of African, French, Indian, and Spanish styles, the decor of Morocco, also known as Marrakech, is dramatic, elegant, and supple. It’s about gorgeous colors, comfort, and exuding an inviting and relaxing atmosphere where all are welcome. Moroccan homes are interior oases from the desert heat, created by combining all the design elements taken from the melting pot of the region's cultures. Though it is more thought of as a bold and dramatic style, you can easily tone it down and just bring in some of the elements on a more subtle level.

Naples Italy Home Decor Style Guide

Italian interior decor is reflective of a combination of several elements: the sleek, clean-lined look of Milan, plus the rustic, terracotta-colored villas of the Tuscan countryside, with hints of elegant, historical Florentine style. Naples style leans more towards the rustic with deep influences of the Mediterranean influenced style as it has a large coastal area bordering the sea. The use of high-quality furnishings, artistic stone and tile, and gilded adornment stays popular because the outcome results in exquisite elegance of timeless style.

  • Incorporate stone, marble, and tile wherever possible.
  • Add accents of Italian luxury in every room.
  • Don’t forget the outside living and dining spaces as well.

Paris Themed Home Decor Style Guide

At the core of a French decorated home is always a perfect balance of duel elements:

  • Modern and antique
  • Classic and contemporary
  • Elegance and comfort
  • Tradition and innovation
  • Extravagant minimalism

Parisian flair comes from a mixture of several elements, such as choosing a combination of different styles and inserting your own personal form of expression. Paris-inspired decor homes cover several different categories: old-fashioned, glam, modern, eclectic, and minimal. Neutral walls, ancestral furniture, glams accents…all details combine for the perfectly tasteful and relaxing home.

Roman Home Decor Style Guide

Roman interior decor is an interesting mixture of drama and sleek serenity. Romans adorn their homes with rich colors, fabrics, and works of art that are set against straightforward materials such as marble, stone, stucco, and glass surfaces. Roman-style includes the enduring features of Neoclassical home decor which focuses on elegance, lightness of touch, and sophistication. Roman-inspired elements can be summarized by: classic columns, ironwork, marble, bold color schemes, statues, stonework, and mosaics.

Spanish Home Decor Style Guide

The design style can be summarized as vibrant, passionate, and full of color. Plus a definitive sense of antiquity, and old-fashioned values stemming from strong foundations in family traditions. The combination of the Mediterranean, French country, Tuscan, and Moroccan influences can be felt in a variety of home decor details and interior structures. Spanish interior design style is grounded in bold furnishings, bright colors, an open airy design, and artistic accents from all corners of the Mediterranean region. It is functional, simple, and comfortable, embracing classic family traditions. Incorporate this style with dark wood furniture, painted tiles, and ceramic accents. A dash of wrought iron and festive textiles to bring this vibrant European style to life.

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