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Tara Dickinson
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The city of Miami has a heartbeat all its own, gaining its tempo and rhythm from a rainbow of migrated cultures and a wealth of historic art and architectural periods over the decades. This fiery and passionate town has a vibe that has become a trademark of Miami style. It’s a melting pot of Latin salsa, Atlantic ocean influences, and classy upscale modern styles which are commonly on the forefront of trend-making design inspirations. And all of these sensations are expressed in Miami’s homes. Here’s where we’ll take a look at what constitutes as a Miami style sofa and offer some guidelines on this tropical city’s style of decorating.



There are almost no limits when choosing a decor theme to decorate your Miami dwelling. The styles range from bold, to sleek and modern; from art deco dramatic to white-on-white minimalism, and presently a more nature-inspired version of contemporary naturalism. And the sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home, the place where you will gather with friends and family, a place to relax. So let’s make sure to get the perfect fit for your lifestyle and Miami home decor design.


BONUS: This complete sofa manual will guide you on the right sizes, styles, colors, textures, and materials to look for when selecting your next Miami sofa.


Miami Interior Design Style: Basic Foundation

The most prevalent basic style in many Miami homes is white and neutral color palettes accented with bolder artworks and furnishings. It’s a blend of modern and artistic styles all in one. This warm inviting culture of Miami is brought into the home with a dramatic modern twist.

  • It’s a combination of modern elements, a touch of natural beauty, and an overall essence of sophistication.
  • Look for sofas and furniture pieces that blend modern minimalism with streamlined upscale designs.
  • A light neutral palette allows the tropical paradise to take center stage, with lush jungle flora and wide expansive views of the turquoise ocean.
  • A blank canvas home provides the stage to showcase décor and furniture in any of the many cultural elements that are home in the city of Miami.

MiamiECLECTIC VIBES: Inspired by an infusion of Cuban culture, an eclectic vibe creates a unique Miami interior design style.

  • A playful mixture of jewel tones and bold prints on upholstered sofas and sectionals.
  • Combining modern metal elements with soft fabrics to create textural depth and visual appeal.
  • Simple silhouettes in the furnishings with a modern vibe.


Art Deco style is the glamour of the roaring 1920s with rich colors, bold geometry, and intricate details. South Beach Miami’s Art Deco is all about elegant architecture with a chic tropical twist that incorporates:

  • Palm tree accents.
  • Vibrant tones; be bold in your color selections.
  • Hints of glamor.
  • Use a solid sofa to anchor the space, such as a vintage accent piece found in a second-hand shop.


Contemporary or modern homes are some of the newer houses in the city.

  • An elegant modern Miami home merges antique pieces with new ones.
  • Will have smart technology features, even in the sofas or lounge chairs.
  • Open concept spaces, large kitchens, big windows, and decadent bathrooms.
  • A crisp color palette that’s open to a number of decor styles.
  • Layer in color for depth.

Modern Main Room Example

  • The room’s color palette remains neutral to highlight natural elements and stunning ocean views.
  • Incorporate organic shapes into the design with furniture accents, side tables, lamps, and art features.


Mid-Century Modern-style homes are known for clean lines and minimal design. This guide will lay out all the details.

  • Any color accents in beachy hues.
  • More natural materials (woods) versus metals.
  • Clean lines and minimal details make up the elements of this Miami style sofa.


Miami home decor is increasingly taking cues from nature, moving away from bare interiors with minimal texture. In an effort to reduce carbon footprints, interest in environmentally friendly design continues to gain momentum in Miami as it does elsewhere in the country.

  • Eco-driven materials and healthy living components are becoming the norm, such as green roofs and solar panels and flooring made from recycled glass.
  • The simple, modern elegance remains with an added touch of tropical nature and its elements. Attention to pattern and texture is being elevated.
  • Natural furniture materials provide comfort. Look for sofas made from bamboo, rattan, and reclaimed wood. These renewable are popular, inexpensive, and being manufactured into more innovative and expressive forms.
  • Layering spaces with plants and lighting adds depth and comfort.



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