Using Bold Artwork In Home Decor

Tara Dickinson
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Bold Artwork Home Decor Style Guide

While there is a portion of the population that will always love a simple and neutral minimal home decor look, most of us like to use the walls of our homes to express ourselves. Using bold artwork in your home’s decor is an excellent way to share your life's story. So don’t let those walls remain blank and miss an opportunity to make a creative focal point in your main rooms. You’ll find many inspiring ideas for filling blank walls in any decor theme style. And bold art comes in many forms:

  • 3-D compositions
  • Framed posters
  • Murals
  • Paintings
  • Rugs
  • Textured fabric wall hangings

To get started on choosing bold artwork for home decor, check out this guide on how to buy art. Then look at the guide on decorative walls for some composition inspiration.

bold artworkArt is a visual expression of human creativity and is usually based on a feeling or meant to elicit some emotion. Using art in your home can absolutely establish a certain ambiance in a room. A single image can make you feel calm and peaceful or energized and vibrant. Art is that powerful. And by themselves, bold colors and patterns have a way of drawing your attention.

  • Display art that helps to define your personality.
  • Decide if you want it to have an emotional impact on your guests.
  • Bold art is an exceptional way to connect furnishings and room flow as well as drawing people into a space.
  • Although bold art doesn't necessarily mean large-format art, when using large pieces as focal points, you can create dramatic impressions without a lot of visual noise.
  • Positioning bold art pieces above a sofa or bed are both ideal locations.
  • The foyer or entryway is yet another place where the placement of bold art will make an impactful statement.
  • And don’t neglect the end of a long hallway or corridor; the simple addition of a bold art piece can turn an empty hall into a captivating destination of its own.
  • If choosing a large bold art piece, make sure it fills the space in an adequate manner.


Colorful and bold artwork makes a contrasting statement when placed in a home with a modern decor style. Mid-century modern and modern homes come with basic flat tones, clean lines, and simple structures. The addition of a vibrant bold painting adds the element of pizzaz that takes the room’s decor to another level.

  • Abstract art has reduced and simplified imagination or reality to sheer shapes, forms, and tones of color.
  • Artwork like this used as a visual point of interest captures people’s attention as they enter the room.
  • It makes even more of an intense impact when bold artwork is hung in rooms with plain or static furnishings.
  • Adding bold abstract artwork fits in with the modern and mid-century modern styles while also supplying a visual pop of interest.


The style, patterns, and designs available in throw rugs these days have definitely been elevated to the level of art.

  • You no longer have to think of rugs for placement just on the floor.
  • Find a rug you simply adore? Place it on a wall for major display impact.


If you have a white or a basic simple color palette for your room, installing a gallery wall of bold art can be the perfect accompaniment.

  • The gallery wall of art is where you can share your own work and other images you find pleasing, interesting, or inspiring.
  • It’s ok to mix mediums, sizes, and art styles.
  • PRO TIP: Play around with the layout arrangement on the floor first before hanging.


Using mural art for your bold decor addition has truly endless possibilities. Murals can be personal, individual, and custom-tailored to a specific room (a mural for the kid's bedroom will be very different than one for the home office or workout area for example).

  • Mural-like art comes in removable wallpaper nowadays as well.
  • Since mural art is done in your chosen space, you have control of the size and level of boldness you want to present.


Even those with a minimalist preference for styled down decor can still have some fun with an insertion of bold art.

  • One large statement piece of artwork can have a huge influence on any room.
  • You can choose to go black and white, or color.
  • The image itself can remain stark and simplistic while still attaining the status of ‘bold’.

"Rainbolt" by Brian Auer is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.



Duotone, monochromatic, and basic black and white abstract art have been rising as a trend in the home decor world.

  • This type of art has an elegant and clean look and feel to it.
  • It instantly adds a sophisticated touch to any home decor style.
  • Black and white abstract art can be placed in almost any design theme of style.
  • The reduction of color to two shades boils down to an artistic look that makes an impact on a different level.
  • Adding just one piece of abstract black and white art can elevate a room into a design masterpiece.


Having the inclusion of natural elements in your home makes it feel more grounded, down to earth, and connected to what used to be our primary habitat.

  • You can probably agree, that when an addition of nature is brought into the home, through plants, a water feature, or images of flora and fauna, you can feel the difference.
  • It’s a balance of nature and other materials that are present in the home.
  • Using bold art photos or other bold natural expressions adds that touch of natural essence you're striving for in balanced home decor.
  • In this photo below you can see how the large black and white works of art create bold focal points and add an additional layer of natural elements besides the wood and wool textures.




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