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Located on the southeastern tip of Florida, Miami-Dade County with almost 3 million people and all of its cities, from Ft. Lauderdale to Coral Springs, to South Beach is a vibrant part of Florida with an abundance of culture and historic architecture. Miami’s first real estate boom in the 1920s brought rapid expansion and the construction of condominiums, Art Deco buildings, and a downtown with skyscrapers overlooking the gorgeous Atlantic ocean. During the 1950s, Cuban migration to the area brought bright colors, salsa-style dancing, fiery foods, and a passionate vibe that has become a trademark of Miami’s South Beach style.

miamiThe unique aesthetic of this bustling city is of course reflected in its bold interior design style, exuding a sleek and upscale vibe, with interiors that range from art deco dramatic, to white-on-white modern minimalism, to the more up-and-coming current styles of sustainable materials and contemporary naturalism.


Miami Interior Design Style: Basic Foundation

Besides Miami being historically known for its art deco decor, the most prevalent basic style in many Miami homes is white and neutral color palettes accented with bolder artworks and furnishings.

  • It’s a combination of modern elements, a touch of natural beauty, and an overall essence of sophistication.
  • A light neutral palette allows the tropical paradise to take center stage, with lush jungle flora and wide expansive views of the turquoise ocean.
  • A blank canvas home provides the stage to showcase décor and furniture in any of the many cultural elements that are home in the city of Miami.
  • Light-colored marble flooring and white walls are an ideal backdrop to enhance whatever furnishing style you desire, from contemporary to modern, to minimal, to art deco, or nature-inspired.

Blending Modern & Cultural Style

  • The warm inviting culture of Miami is brought into the home with a dramatic modern twist.
  • The brilliance that emanates from the bright sun and the white sands is also reflected in the home decor styles of Miami.
  • Textures such as warm velvet can be found alongside modern marble floors and countertops giving a room a contemporary dramatic look.
  • Interior design elements like clean sleek home décor combined with a hint of glitz in the accent pieces are key.
  • Gold metallic framed mirrors or the bright touch of metal legs on furniture is an example of the luxurious Miami style.
  • It’s a blend of modern minimalism and streamlined upscale designs.

Eclectic Vibes

Inspired by the sea, sun, and sand with an infusion of Cuban culture, Miami's interior design style is quite unique.

  • A playful mixture of jewel tones and bold prints on upholstered sofas and sectionals.
  • Combining modern metal elements with soft fabrics to create textural depth and visual appeal.
  • Simple silhouettes in the furnishings with a modern vibe.
  • Nature-inspired accents display what makes Miami so special.


South Beach Miami’s Art Deco District with a large concentration of Art Deco buildings can transport you back in time. Set against a backdrop of ocean and sky, the South Miami look is all about elegant Art Deco architecture with a chic tropical twist that incorporates:

  • Palm trees
  • Vibrant colors
  • Hits of glamor

Art Deco Foundations

Harness the ambiance of an art deco vibe by adding a few concentrated pieces.

  • Use a coffee table to anchor the space, such as a vintage accent piece found in a second-hand shop.
  • Go for the eclectic look.
  • Be bold in your color selections.
  • Explore the fusion of the culture and eras that is South Miami.


Little Havana “Magic City”

  • A whirlwind of vibrant hot colors.
  • Full-size expressive murals.
  • Latin-inspired architecture. 

Coral Gables: Spanish Characteristics

  • The Spanish-style casa is known for its warm color palette, lending itself to a Miami Florida casual style.
  • Clay tile roofing and flooring.
  • Exposed beams
  • Asymmetrical façades, arched windows, and doorways.
  • Hand-painted tiles and wrought iron elements.
  • Might find high ceilings
  • An open, flowing layout creates a sense of connection.
  • Many forms of furniture styles and textures. 

Fort Lauderdale: Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern-style homes are known for clean lines and minimal design. This GUIDE will lay out all the details. To add a Miami Florida art deco twist, include:

  • Any color accents in beachy pastel hues.
  • More natural materials (woods) versus metals.
  • Open floor plans and large rooms.
  • Clean lines and minimal details.
  • Take advantage of any floor-to-ceiling windows, inviting the outdoors in.

Miami Contemporary & Modern

Miami’s ideal modern interior design incorporates the city’s sleek, artistic vibe, all while highlighting the beautiful scenery. Contemporary or modern homes are some of the newer houses in the city.

  • An elegant modern Miami home merges antique pieces with new ones.
  • Will have smart technology features.
  • Open concept spaces, large kitchens, big windows, and decadent bathrooms.
  • A crisp color palette that’s open to a number of decor styles.
  • Layer in color for depth.
  • White bases, neutral hues, and warm wood accents allow your art collections and seascape views to shine.
  • Add your personality into the space with accents and accessories you adore.

Modern Main Room Example

  • A wall of windows is the main feature with stunning ocean views.
  • The room’s color palette remains neutral to highlight natural elements.
  • Incorporate organic shapes into the design with furniture accents, side tables, lamps, and art features.

Modern Kitchen Example

  • Stainless steel appliances.
  • Minimalist white cabinetry sets a modern tone.
  • Light reflects off the glossy cabinets and modern table and chairs.
  • Wood floors add some warmth to the space.

South Beach: Art Deco

Art Deco style is the glamour of the roaring 1920s with rich colors, bold geometry, and intricate details.

  • Miami Beach Art Deco is not like New York or Paris Deco; more inspired by the sun and sea; more playful and colorful.
  • Art Deco buildings are iconic with original details and unique features.
  • South Beach Art Deco-style homes are full of vibrant and over-the-top color combinations.
  • The pure light of Florida accepts warmer materials and richer fabrics.
  • Miami’s weather and cultural diversity influence the look and feel.
  • This is the more modern Miami take on Art Deco.

Miami Eco-Friendly Design

Interest in environmentally friendly design continues to gain momentum in Miami as it does elsewhere in the country.

  • Eco-driven materials and healthy living components, such as the type of water, light, and air filtration systems that can be used, are becoming the norm.
  • To reduce carbon footprints and create comfortable interiors, incorporate low-tech solutions like cross ventilation and shady porches.
  • A modern Miami version of a porch is created by the use of cantilevered terraces.
  • Green roofs and solar panels.
  • Flooring materials made from green and blue recycled glass.

Miami Nature Inspired Style

Miami home decor is increasingly taking cues from nature, moving away from the all white stripped-bare interiors with minimal texture. The ideal Miami weather is also a factor in including the outdoors as part of an overall Miami interior design style.

  • The trend is toward natural materials and finishes.
  • Attention to pattern and texture is being elevated.
  • As seen in many styles these past few years with home life more important than ever, bringing nature indoors adds to peace of mind.
  • Miami interiors are about simple, modern elegance with a touch of tropical nature.
  • Layering spaces with plants, lighting, and natural furniture materials provide comfort.
  • Minimal draperies to let in an abundance of natural light from the South Florida sunshine.
  • Pops of color in furnishings and artwork, such as turquoise blues inspired by local beaches.


  • Textures are being more incorporated, using materials such as leather and woven floor covering.
  • Renewable materials like rattan and bamboo are popular as well.
  • Weaving techniques influenced by Cuba that use less material and creative patterns are prevalent as wood becomes harder to source sustainably.
  • Bamboo is also an attractive and inexpensive material that is being manufactured into more innovative and expressive forms.

Natural Miami Bathroom Example

  • Wood, greenery, and soft colors inspired by nature.
  • A subtly elegant and sophisticated spa style.
  • A neutral palette keeps the focus on the waterfront views.
  • Sleek, minimalist look.


Life outdoors in a lush tropical climate like Miami lends itself to a relaxed way of life and much time spent outdoors. Enjoying the ocean breezes, the tropical jungle gardens, and cultural city life is the Miami way.

  • Elements like courtyards, shady porches, and screened-in pools are mainstays. 
  • The exteriors are an oasis of serenity.
  • Use large-sized furniture.
  • Practical fabrics that are weatherproof yet still luxurious and tactile.
  • Use the local fauna, flora, and palm trees for landscaping.
  • Shade! Shade and fans to circulate the humid air are extremely important when planning your outdoor areas.

Art Deco Outdoor Style



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