Liquidation: The Benefits of Deeply Discounted Office Furniture

Tara Dickinson
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Liquidation is used to refer to selling goods at a price lower than the cost to the business or company, which is a great advantage to the customer who will be getting the best price available. This process of selling off inventory, usually at steep discounts is what we are referring to as liquidation in this example. Simply put, a company wants to sell immediately and the consumer who wants to buy benefits from this deep discount. And when we’re talking about the liquidation of office furniture, there are outrageous deals to be had! Especially if you shop in a gently used furniture showroom.

The Pros Of Buying Office Furniture At Liquidation

Benefits For Businesses & Individuals

  1. Money savings. Expanding? Growing? Want a refresh or updated office decor? All of these are reasons to add additional office furniture to your inventory. Buying furniture that has been liquidated from another business’s closing will save you a ton of cash versus buying new items from a distributor.
  2. Quality brand names for less. Shopping at The Local Flea showrooms, which are located in major city hubs (San Francisco, Miami, and Phoenix), where a lot of start-up businesses are operating means there’s also a lot of venture capital in movement. With a solid portion of that money being allocated to office furnishings, you can be sure that second-hand markets are going to be full of some high-quality inventory at liquidation prices as these start-ups move in and out of play.
  3. It’s an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. When you buy a desk, cabinet, chair, or another piece of liquidation furniture from an official secondhand company, you’re buying gently used furniture rather than new.
    1. That means one less new piece of furniture needs to be manufactured, with all of the ecological impacts that entail.
    2. One less piece of furniture needs to be shipped across the country, lowering the carbon footprint.
    3. One less piece of furniture ends up in a landfill and remains part of a circular economy.
    4. If you’re trying to make your home office an eco-friendly office, lowering your carbon footprint by purchasing used furniture is a great start.
    5. It can feel good to buy and essentially recycle furniture, and it saves on the budget, so you can spend that money elsewhere on other sustainable practices.
  4. There are also tax benefits that furniture liquidation can offer a business or an individual.
    1. Donating furniture means a tax write-off proportionate to the current value of the furniture. 
    2. Many individuals and businesses will use the hauling, selling, and donating services that Remoov offers to help them with this endeavor.
    3. Remoov will pick up, market, and sell all items you no longer want through its sister company The Local Flea.
    4. Any pieces that do not sell will be donated to a charity.

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