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Football Inspired Home Decor For Every Fan

Sports fans are a unique bunch of characters. And those that love American football (not to be confused with ‘football’ i.e. soccer that the rest of the world enjoys) can be extremely serious, passionate, and dedicated to their teams. Whether it’s collegiate-inspired devotion or followers of the National Football League, NFL, fans enjoy collecting and displaying love for their home team. For those that want to decorate their home in a football-inspired home decor theme, this football home style guide will give you lots of ideas and a general outline of how to add some team spirit to any room of your home.

footballGeneral Football Home Style Guide Outline

  1. Decide if you are going to carry the football theme throughout the whole house or relegate your passion to one room.
  2. If a home-wide theme is preferred, you can actually tone down the football aspect so it’s not overwhelming. This means adding only a few related team colors and accessories to each room rather than inundating each space with an overflow of football chaos.
  3. The most straightforward way to begin your football-related home decor is to start applying the team's colors throughout the space.
  4. This can be with paint on an accent wall.
  5. It can be in furnishing accessories like throw pillows, throw blankets, area rugs, picture frames, and even a painted side table or other smaller furniture piece.
  6. Make sure you have set a neutral foundation for your team’s colors to stand out. This means white, light gray, or other neutral earthy tones on walls and floors that aren’t going to be done in the team’s colors.
  7. Upgrade your wall art by framing and matting it. Rather than just tacking up a team’s poster or large photos, elevate the look by getting your collectibles framed.
  8. A shelf full of football-related memorabilia set on stands and at different levels makes for a more attractive display than just a randomly placed collection.

Decorative Accent Wall

One of the simplest and most fun ways to bring some football style to your home is through the inclusion of a decorative accent wall. This type of wall can be included in a living room, a home office, a family room or den, and of course in a basement that’s been turned into an entertainment room.

  • To keep it classy and not trashy, establish a purposeful layout so collectibles look organized and tell a story rather than just haphazardly placed.
  • Paint the wall in your team's colors.
  • Add trim or horizontal strips in another one of the team's colors.
  • Gather your football-related accessories and plan a layout on the floor first. Measure the size of the wall and tape out the same space on your floor. Then organize your collection until you find a satisfying arrangement.
  • Using an accent wall is also a great way to create a focal point in a room which adds to the overall flow of a well-thought-out space.

Football Inspired Man Cave

Whole TV programs, websites, and magazines have been dedicated to the sports-themed man cave. This is the ultimate in football home decor. Having a room dedicated to sports, games, and overall entertainment is a great opportunity to let your football passion explode!

NFL suites, luxury boxes, and VIP areas have been ramped up to extreme conditions, going all out with plush decor and amenities. A look into these fabulous spaces is available on any team’s website so feel free to choose one of these outrageous styles and make it your own at home.

  • After selecting your wall color and floor type, move on to the big items.
  • Outfit the football man cave with the proper appliances first. Large-screen TVs, refrigerators, and if applicable a grill.
  • Next, get your comfortable seating in order. Lounge chairs, Lazy Boys, and bean bags for the little ones.
  • PRO TIP: Buying your large items, appliances and furniture, from secondhand shops is an excellent way to save money, get high-quality name-brand pieces, and help the environment all at the same time. Check out The Local Flea in the Bay Area, Phoenix AZ, and Miami FL for large showrooms of curated and high-quality gently used items.

Kids Room Football Decor Style

Decorating a child’s room in a football home style is really a fun activity. As you most likely feel comfortable and a little freer being more playful in a kid's room, there are a number of really creative ways to add some football-inspired decor.

  • Personalizing a part of the football decor could mean a lot to your little one.
  • There are customizable wall art displays you can purchase or DIY projects with some simple wall mural ideas like the ones in the photo below with a football shape complemented with a goal post insert.
  • Adding carpet that mimics the astroturf of a football playing field is another creative way to add the game feel. With painted-on field yardage even better!
  • Display cabinets, bookcases, or other organizing types of furniture are ideal to include so the football fan can easily and tidily exhibit all their favorite team collectibles.
  • Go bold with the team’s colors in a kid’s room.
  • Turn a closet into a locker room cubby copying the style used in the NFL changing rooms.

Football Decor Accents

While it’s quite easy to pick up home accents and accessories with any of your favorite team’s logos, colors, and definitive team name (for example panthers, chargers, bears, etc.), you can also choose to go another route with your football home style.

  • Choosing generic football-related accents versus those with team colors or logos has a more antique vintage feel to the football-inspired decor look.
  • You can find these types of accents in all manner of furnishings: lamps, trunks, side tables, pillows, and especially wall art, and throw rugs.



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