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Tara Dickinson
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In awareness and celebration of Earth Month (celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd) planning to decorate your home or your Easter/Spring gathering in an eco-friendly manner is all part of working towards a greener future. April is a festive month, full of freshness, and Easter is one of the most popular holidays this month where you might want to add some seasonal decor to your home. Many popular and cheap Easter-related decor items can be a big part of the carbon-creating plastic nightmare. So celebrate and decorate in a sustainable way with these Eco-Easter ideas which create less waste while providing lots of holiday joy for everyone.



Start your Easter and Spring decorating right at your home’s entrance. Make a festive and eco-friendly statement with a gorgeous door wreath crafted out of any one of the many natural materials available in your area.

  • Decorated egg wreath.
  • Tulip wreath.
  • Vines and branches wreath.
  • Wildflower wreath.

easterFlowers In A Tub

Continuing the home decor on the front porch, adding a container with some local seasonal flowers is a simply gorgeous way to welcome guests to your home while sprucing up the area. A steel tub of flowers is a Shabby Chic or Country Style design theme that can be included in any room of the home or yard and look beautiful.


Using garlands to decorate for any season or occasion always makes a big visual impact on a room’s decor. The movement, flow, and colorful dynamics of garlands will add a celebratory feeling to your home’s Easter or Spring holiday decorations. And if you use garlands the kids make from recycled paper or cut-out rabbits, or of course, all-natural flowers, then your Easter decorations are not only stunning but also super eco-friendly.

3D Streamers

Another take on hanging garlands for added decor punch is making or displaying 3D-style streamers. Coming in a range of design choices you can go from eggs to bunnies to nature-inspired looks such as rainbows, clouds, flowers, etc, these types of streamers offer many biodegradable options. So you can go completely ‘green’ and feel great about decking your home out to the max!

  • Hanging them horizontally or vertically will look great either way.


Still on the hanging decor idea, yet another decorative option is to string up some Easter or Spring related bunting. Banners, pennants, and garlands made of fabric are another eco-option for a DIY design project that will not only create a party atmosphere in your home but also make a nice project to work with the kids on during their Spring Break.

Monochrome Decor: Making the Old New Again

Many families have long histories with home decor items, especially holiday-themed ones, being passed down through the generations. Not everyone is a fan of vintage looks and would rather give grandma's hand-me-downs a little revival.

  • One clever idea is to create a monochromatic look by painting older Easter-related decorations in one chosen color or a color-related theme.
  • Of course, pastels work great for spring looks, but all gold or all blacks and whites are additional classy ways to give these treasures an update.

DIY Decorative Easter Egg Tree

If you use homemade colored eggs, this is yet another easy, creative, and stylish Easter decor that fits into the eco-friendly category.

  • Hanging Easter eggs on branches will last longer when placed indoors.
  • These types of egg trees normally use blown and painted eggs which are then tied to the branches using colorful (and recycled of course) ribbons.
  • This decoration idea can go really big, using large found branches for a full tree look in a nook of your home or staying on the smaller side for nice attention to an Easter mantlepiece. 


The star of your Easter decorating show is usually going to be the dining room or more specifically the main dining table. There is where everyone will gather for the holiday meal and where you’ll get to display your creativity for Easter decor with the table setting and accompanying accouterments.


Dessert Stand

Using any kind of dessert stand for Easter decorating is a must! Bring them all out. Gather a few more from your local secondhand shop. The more the better.

  • These can be topped with all manner of decorations, from Easter treats, to a display of colored eggs in a moss nest, to an arrangement of spring flowers.

Easter Eco-Centerpiece

Keeping with the eco-friendly theme, using fresh produce, local flowers, upcycled materials, fabrics, and other items to decorate your Easter table is the ideal way to go.

  • A single flower with a coordinating ribbon makes for a sweet springtime napkin ring.
  • Use colorful food roots such as carrots placed in clear vases along with some pretty flowers for an extra unique tablescape.
  • Table runners made from burlap or other rustic material look lovely when paired with your other eco-friendly Easter table decorations.


Elevated Outdoor Decor For Spring & Easter Picnic

There may be no better weather than springtime so enjoy the season and spend your holiday mingling in nature.

  • You can follow these guides for setting up a stellar outdoor entering area.
  • For Easter specifically, enjoy lounging in the sun with a cozy picnic-style brunch.
  • Make the lawn look festive with layers of plush throws, pillows, and blankets in Easter-friendly colors.
  • No yard? Take the party to a local park for a potluck picnic.
  • To decorate on the go, just bring a table cloth, cloth napkins, and a container to throw some local vegetation into for a centerpiece.

Misc. Eco-Friendly Easter Decorations & Gift Wrap

Always think of ways to opt for reusable decorations first. These are not only easy to store but you can also use them multiple times. Other eco-decor and gift items include:

  • Painted wooden Easter or Spring signs.
  • Gatherings of woven baskets.
  • Wrap gifts in fabric or reuse gift bags.
  • DIY Easter cards made from cardboard boxes.

BONUS! How To Give An Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

No family gathering would be complete without Easter baskets for the kids. To keep the party eco-friendly, you’ll want to stay away from any plastic toys or sweets that come wrapped in plastic. If you don’t have a basket to reuse, almost every local thrift store has a bunch of them for very inexpensive prices. You can refresh them with some paint or add ribbons, flowers, and cloth bows.

Basket Fillers

  • Moss
  • Yarn or ribbon
  • Shredded paper
  • Piece of festive fabric
  • Real grass or hay

Eco-Easter Basket Gifts

  • Real eggs or painted wood ones.
  • Homemade organic candy.
  • Local, handmade treats or gifts (buying local reduces the environmental impacts of packing and transport and supports the local economy).
  • Flower and fruit seeds are a fun way to encourage spring gardening with the family. Some easy ones to see the benefits from include sunflowers, pumpkins, and carrots.


  • Use berries, veggies, and different fruit juices for coloring eggs
  • Spices: you can also use turmeric for yellow shades, paprika for orange, and cinnamon for brown. Learn which spices to use and how to make the dye here.
  • There are also store-bought all-natural egg colorings with no dyes, no GMO’s, gluten-free, and vegan.  Packaging is also eco-friendly and printed with vegetable-based inks. Bonus: made in the USA.
  • Make paper eggs using recycled cardboard egg cartons. The fun thing about this version is that they can be filled with presents.



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