New Parents Gift Guide

Tara Dickinson
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On the hunt for a gift for a friend, co-worker, or relative? There are many ideas for useful gifts in every budget range that are practical as well playful. Presents for baby and gifts just for parents that they could really use at this time in their lives.



Babies need to be held for a good portion at the beginning of their lives. Thus baby carriers, slings, and other hands-free inventions make a wonderful gift. These carriers run the gamut in price range, style, color, and design so there’s sure to be a perfect fit for your happy couple.


Bedroom Heaven

It’s a fact, having a newborn means less consistent sleep for most of the first year. New parents would absolutely appreciate anything that aids in the comfort of a good night’s rest. From sustainable sourced bamboo or hemp softest sheets ever, to calming essential oil diffusers, to artsy and soft night lights; these are all thoughtful gifts for new parents to enjoy.

New Parents Gift Guide


This one is a no brainer and really, every parent will need an almost endless supply of diapers. A thoughtful, useful, and downright necessary gift. To remain eco-friendly, look for brands made from recycled materials, cloth diapers (add in a diaper service for the extra special treatment!), or a monthly subscription that delivers diapers right to their door.


Crib Set-Up

From sheets to bumpers, to the crib or bassinet itself, there are many practical gifts to offer in this category. Baby sheets these days are made from organic and natural fibers which is a healthy option to consider. When crib shopping, it’s a fun idea to think vintage or gently used. No need to shell out the mighty big bucks for something new. Check out your local second-hand shops for baby beds in all styles at affordable prices and in great condition.

Crib Set-up

Caffeine Care

Life will go on, and that most likely means life on the go with a considerable amount of running to baby doctor appointments and such. Help the parents out with some delicious coffee selections, travel mugs for ease on the go and other such accoutrements. There are even high quality dried coffee packets that only need hot water added to instantly enjoy a fresh mug of joe. This is an inexpensive gift idea that will no doubt be greatly appreciated.


Practical Accessories

From baby monitors to high-chairs, to play pens, there are so many useful accessories that will help new parents keep their baby safe and occupied. This category is also a good one to search for in your local thrift shops and vintage markets. From useful electronics, to music systems, to changing stations, booster seats, carry-alls, bath time accessories, and strollers you can assuredly find a very practical gift that will assist your new parents in covering all of their baby’s needs.

Practical Accessories

Meal Service

What a blessing to have your meals already thought-out and portioned with all ingredients on-hand. There are many, many choices to choose from if you’d like to give the gift of fast, nutritious food as a gift to new family. Services range from national companies to local already fully-prepared meal delivery services. What a great gift to receive for any overwhelmed new family.


Travel Help

Taking your newborn on the road requires much preparation for his/her safety and comfort. Help new parents by gifting an infant car seat. This will be a necessary item for every family no matter what. Or other car additions such as a backseat view mirror so parents can have eye contact with the baby at all times. Blankets, pacifiers, and interesting small toys are all also thoughtful gifts to share for a new traveling family.

Travel Help


Rocking & Rolling

A luxurious and sanity saving gift would be a rocking chair. Babies are soothed by gentle movement making a rocking chair a wonderful addition to any nursery. There are also similar furniture items just for babies like automatic swings and rockers that do the same types of motions with no hands-on needed.


Baby Bags (Diaper Bags)

Speaking of on the go, the baby bag is a literal essential for all new parents. With multiple compartments, comfy carrying straps, and stylish designs for every taste, a baby bag is a sure way to spoil your giftees with a very pragmatic item.

Baby Bag

Be creative. Think practical, think pampering and have fun selecting the ideal gift for your new parents as they start this awesome chapter of their lives.




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