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Tara Dickinson
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Mother's Day Presents For Every Budget With Gifts From Thoughtful To Lavish


It almost need not be said, but the year from May 2020 to May 2021 could have been one of the most difficult in history for everyone, and even more so for mothers. Taking on homeschooling while also working from home became the norm. Loss of personal time and stress ran through the roof. What better reason to make this year’s Mother’s Day extra special.


So for this Mother’s Day, Sunday May 9th, let’s go above the norm for our moms. With a little creative thinking, you can plan a thoughtful and pampering day for mom this year to say thank you. Your mother may come in many forms, from aunts, grandmothers, or dear family friends who were all part of raising you and sharing their unconditional love. Now's the time to start your noodle cranking and thinking about what you want to do to spoil the special women in your life. We’re sharing here some thoughtful and unique presents that hopefully suit all budgets and interests.


Personalized Book

An inexpensive, can easily be handmade, gift idea is to create a tribute book for your mother. Store bought versions come in a rainbow of styles and prices, from $1- $30 for hardcover versions. These come with prompts for you to fill in and add photos too. When making your own, follow the same format, reminiscing about moments, events, feelings, and what you love the most about your mom as well as what she has taught you.

A Little Bling

Not every woman loves jewelry but we’ll bet that a majority do. It’s hard to go wrong with a gift of personalized and thoughtful adornments for mom. Charm bracelets, delicate necklaces, jeweled earrings, all come in affordable styles and even better, you can support small local artists with this selection. To make the gifts extra special, look for deceptions of mother and child, such as a cuff bracelet with mother and baby animals. Or going engraved is also extra special. There are even crafty jewelry makers that can design items using your own handwriting. Another really unique idea is a birth month flower necklace, with a tiny dried flower encased in a heart. The eco-friendly, vegetable resin preserves blossoms' color and form.

Mother's Day

Brunch By You

Mom will never say no to a meal she doesn't have to cook. How about surprising her with a sumptuous Mother’s Day brunch at home. As many cities have not fully reopened yet, or some may not feel comfortable in crowded areas at the moment, you can bring the restaurant home to mom. If your family are not the best cooks, take advantage of your local meal services. A quick internet search will no doubt reveal numerous options in your area. And if not, there are nationwide services that will mail you a full bunch kit with minimum cooking and assembly required.


Home Pampering

Gifts related to feeling comfortable and pampered in your own home are always a hit. Think high-quality pajamas, made from sustainable materials or organic cotton. These products are silky soft, long lasting, and support the environment. For a special touch, add a monogrammed set of initials. On the same tangent, a cotton robe so plush and cozy mom will never want to take off is another pampering idea. Look for 100 percent cotton and those with deep side pockets are even better.

Fresh Flowers- All Year

Yes, Mother’s Day and flowers do go hand-in-hand. It is a little common but nonetheless always appreciated and loved. Taking this idea to the next level would be a monthly flower subscription. There are services that will deliver a fresh bouquet every month for mom, reminding her all year how special she is and how much you love her. If you live locally or close to mom, what about surprising her with a dozen potted flowering plants for the garden? Better yet, amaze her by planting them for her.


Liquid Gifts

Those ‘monthly’ clubs really are wonderful ideas and keep the gift-giving going all year long. If mom is the kind of lady who likes to relax with a cocktail, giving her a wine subscription is a thoughtful idea. Packages range from a ‘flight’ a month, to a selection of the best $10 finds 12 times a year. And for mother’s on the go, a lovely coffee subscription would definitely satisfy her. Some services allow customers to fill out a survey that will create a profile of their preferences and then choose from hundreds of roasters to share a perfect monthly selection.


Made By Recycled

Looking at purchasing gifts, or any products, it is always considerate to do some research into items made from recycled materials. Not only does this support the environment in so many ways, from reducing emissions, saving raw materials, and supporting the recycling initiative, it also shows a thoughtfulness and awareness about the importance of environmental action. We found a couple of fun items to consider:

                                A Votes For Women’s Puzzle                                   

Conversation Starting Table Topics- Fun Game

Recycled Glass Rings


Don’t Forget Previously Loved

Second-hand stores are full of affordable and one-of-a-kind gift selections. Not only are these gifts cost-effective, but they’re also sustainable alternatives to buying new. Buying used is a practical and effective way to share your eco-friendly values and makes secondhand gifts all the more meaningful. Some things just can't be bought in a retail store. Be on the lookout for handmade treasures and other rarities. You will uncover something truly special to give.

  • Collectibles - can be anything mom collects and loves. Figurines, decorative plates, vases, etc.
  • One-of-a-Kind Finds - secondhand shops are great for these kinds of finds, especially in the art category.
  • Vintage - antiques are prized for their age. A few ideas include vintage jewelry, colorful linens, old copies of classic books.



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