Most Popular Decorating Styles in the Bay Area

Jeff Quiñz
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San Francisco Bay Area – home of cable cars, Victorian houses, and the Golden Gate Bridge. With more than 7 million inhabitants, it’s a cultural hotpot of various races and ethnicities. It’s also home to some of the most beautifully designed living spaces, thanks to its top-tier interior designers.

This metropolis that combines historic landmarks with modern architecture enables its homeowners to be as creative as they can with their interior designs – with the help of expert hands. Here are the most popular decorating styles in the Bay Area, SF and some of the best interior designers that inspire them.

1.Modern Design

Decorating Style Bay AreaThe San Francisco Bay Area is famous for its Victorian-style homes, but these classic architectural designs can hide very modern interiors. With this in mind, there are two possible aesthetics that modern design can showcase.

One is futuristic, which highlights state-of-the-art technologies and appliances that provide much comfort and ease of living for the homeowner. The other is sustainability – an important aspect of modern home designs – which incorporates sustainable products and environment-friendly design choices to the interiors.

Either way, homeowners can find interior designers that specialize in this aesthetic. Some of the brilliant designers famous for these design choices are listed below:

2. History Highlight

California is a historically-rich state, and the Bay Area is no exception. Beyond the Golden Gate Bridge and Park, the Bay Area also boasts the Ferry Building, the Castro Theater, and the infamous Alcatraz Island, among others.

Safe to say that Bay Area houses also have pieces of history within them, and one famous design approach is to highlight those historical elements. With the help of expert hands, modernity can emphasize antiquity and capture the rich history of a home. A tranquil experience for the modern homeowner.

Signature style of:

3. A Clash of Old and New

Speaking of highlighting history, past meets present in a lot of homes in the Bay Area. Many interior designers mix contemporary and mid-century modern styles in clean, aesthetically pleasing ways.

Some houses have pieces and designs from the 1970s or earlier intermingling with modern-day elements. This mix of modern and antique styles bring about timeless elegance and an unmatched serenity. Add splashes of color and clean lines, and you’ve got yourself a home you’ll always come back to.

Designers that often utilize this aesthetic include:

4. A Soft Touch, with Pops of Color

The hustle and bustle of the San Francisco Bay Area can sometimes be overwhelming, to the point where all you want is a nice, quiet place to relax.

Certain living spaces in the city can provide that. Some of the popular decorating styles in the Bay Area use soft and muted colors that don’t overwhelm the senses. Monochromatic, light hues, natural elements, and soft lighting create a peaceful nook in your little corner of the world. Of course, to break the monotone, a dash and pop of color is needed.

Experts of this design approach include:

5. Bold and Exciting Colors and Patterns

Still, sometimes, you just want to go loud and all-out. As a reflection of the charged energy of the city, bold and exciting colors and patterns, coupled with stunning furniture pieces and decor, are not out of place in Bay Area homes.

It’s often recognized as the “new-age California modern aesthetic,” and a careful combination of it with the traditional elements of interior design results in an awe-inspiring space for any homeowner.

Signature style of:

6. Tailor-Fit to Customer Interior Design

Finally, some designers use the homeowner’s personality as the foundation of their home’s interior.

With creativity at their disposal, some designers combine various elements of interior design to create a custom look that’s perfectly tailored to their client’s personality and preferences. Such homes uniquely reflect who the homeowner is and how they want their space to look. This creates a home that doubles a comfort zone, a space where they can feel safe and secure.

Some of the experts with this signature style include:

Bonus Section: The Color Palette of San Francisco Bay Area

Here some of the top colors and shades that should guide your design choices for your Bay Area-themed home:

  1. White – delicate, commercial, flagstone, stepping stone, hot stone
  2. Beige –  moth gray, dusty trail, best beige, sharkskin, rock cliffs, weathered wood, sauteed mushroom, safari
  3. Green – Only Oregano
  4. Red – burgundy wine
  5. Black – knight’s armor, onyx, zombie, obsidian, French toast

The San Francisco Bay Area is chock full of creative designers, and so there is no shortage of uniquely designed homes anywhere you look. Whether you want a modern look, a traditional one, or a space that’s uniquely you, there’s always something for you in the Bay Area.

But if you want to try your hand at designing your home a-la-Bay Area style, then feel free to check out The Local Flea in Bay Area, SF for furniture and decor pieces to adorn your Bay Area home!


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