Grand Canyon Style Home Decor Guide

Tara Dickinson
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Sedona Desert Decor Design Inspirations

Carved by the Colorado River and located in the northwest corner of Arizona, the Grand Canyon is one of the world’s seven natural wonders. And being in its presence you can understand why. The awesomeness of these expansive rock formations humbles you with their natural beauty and sweeping vistas. Grand Canyon home decor style that is inspired by the variations of texture embedded in the Canyon’s walls and the shades of colors created as the shadows of clouds sweep across the landscape is one that rejoices in earth’s natural magnificence.

Grand CanyonArizona, and thus the Grand Canyon, is part of the Southwest states whose traditional desert decor is influenced by the native and historical culture of that region in addition to the surrounding nature’s unique setting. By embracing the desert’s natural bounty rather than fighting against its harshness, you find elements of simple beauty to adorn your home. Historical style additions come from Spanish colonial revival design when these people invaded the land hundreds of years ago. Some Spanish revival elements include:

  • A Mediterranean style presence.
  • Courtyards.
  • Handcrafted clay tiles, flagstone, and sandstone.
  • Rich sunset colors against muted tones.
  • Rustic wood beams.
  • Ornate detailing on the doors.
  • Tile roof.
  • Using local materials, creating a connection to the natural surroundings.

Grand Canyon Home Decor Colors

The stark yet colorful landscapes of Sedona and the Grand Canyon offer a palette of colors rich in earth tones. Following the intricate interplay of light and shadow on the dramatic rock formations will reveal deep reds and browns layered into the sides of mountains. Some additional colors come into play through the blue-green hues of bushes and succulents, of waterfalls, and expansive clear skylines.

  • A color palette full of earth tones.
  • Neutral shades in all ranges of brown, clay earth, and brick red.
  • Sky blues and succulent greens for pops of contrasting colors.

Rock-Like Wall Covering

Another way to bring an element of the Grand Canyon to your home interior is by using wallpaper that mimics the look of layers of stone, similar to the walls of the Canyon.

Grand Canyon Inspired Furniture

To bring in furnishings inspired by the Grand Canyon you would obviously look for pieces carved from rock. A side table, coffee table, bench, plant container, or other home accents that used rock as its main material would certainly work perfectly in a Grand Canyon inspired home. Additional sturdy furnishings that are practical, heavy, solid pieces that can stand the test of time and tough environments are part of this decor style. Think rugged sensibility. Pieces can be made from:

  • Distressed texture painted woods.
  • Patinated iron.
  • Rustic, rough-hewn, and sturdy materials.
  • Weathered wood.
  • Woven branches and grasses.
  • Upholstered furnishings in natural and durable materials: cotton and burlap. Also abstract motifs on fabrics that mimic the look of the Canyon's layers of sediment rock.


Leather and Southwest decor simply go hand-in-hand. Leather has always been a desert-style home decor staple. Leather sofas and sectionals in browns of any shade are a sure bet. To modernize the look, choose leather furniture in black or white or the lighter shades of cowhide (or faux materials are just as fabulous in today’s markets).

Accent Rugs

Since flooring in desert homes is likely to be hard surfaces, such as wood, concrete, or vinyl, the addition of area rugs is needed for a bit of softness as well as a way to incorporate another creative design element. Southwest authentic rugs are often covered in geometric patterns.

  • Liven up a neutral earth tone space with one of the brighter contrast desert colored rugs: greens, yellows, purples, or blues.
  • If you’ve chosen a more modern palette of black, white, and grey one of these will make also make a wonderful contrast.
  • Neutral area rugs in tones of beige and brown hues with interesting patterns that blend into the overall scheme are welcome as well.
  • Matching geometric throws pillows make the design look finished and polished in this desert decor style.


When adding accents to your Grand Canyon inspired decor, keep it classy by choosing a few key pieces.

  • Cowhand tools — for example, a mounted coiled lasso.
  • Local pottery.
  • Metal statues or metal art pieces.
  • Native American icons.
  • Woven baskets.

Tile Accents

Inlays of turquoise colored tiles pieces against the earth tone color theme in kitchen backsplashes or bathrooms are a perfect addition to Grand Canyon decorated homes. Coupled with iron or copper fixtures, the Grand Canyon decor style is complete.

Pottery Accents

Earthen pottery in terra-cotta earth tones or those glazed in shades of turquoise is just right for a Grand Canyon desert home.

  • Mix matte and glazed finishes with solid colors and painted designs for variety and interest.
  • Look for those with a hand-thrown feel in an assortment of different shapes and sizes keeps the decor personal and interesting.


There is no style of home decor that doesn’t benefit from having potted plants as part of its accent decor. Placing some low-maintenance native plants throughout your Grand Canyon themed home will bring a sense of life and freshness to the space.

  • Be generous with plant additions throughout all rooms of the home.
  • Cacti, succulents, and mini palm trees are part of the Arizona landscape and can be incorporated into your home for this finishing touch.

Grand Canyon Kitchen

Here’s a perfect example of a kitchen from the southwest Arizona region that sums up the decor style we’ve been discussing.

  • Sturdy wood materials.
  • Earth tones of the color wheel.
  • Rock-looking backsplash.
  • Metal and green plant accents.


As with most dry climates, such as northern California and African styles, windows are kept open and the flow of living space easily moves from indoor to outdoor in a seamless manner. It is the appreciation of nature and the ​​inclusion of views of wide-open landscapes that people love.

  • Weather wood and woven furniture pieces.
  • Navajo textured accents on cushions and throws.
  • Generous inclusion of native plants in any combination, from in-ground to potted.
  • Water features for a breath of coolness.
  • Awnings and overhangs are generous to create outdoor shade. 


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