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Tara Dickinson
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Eco-Friendly, Sustainably Conscious & Unique Presents For Father’s Day


Sunday June 20th, 2021 is a national day we collectively use to thank, honor, and appreciate the father’s and father-figures in our lives. To find a meaningful plus useful present may take a little creative planning, but this guide will offer some unique and affordable options.


When first thinking about how to make dad happy, it might depend on his age bracket, how active he is, and how he grew up, what are his moral foundations. We’re sharing here some thoughtful and unique presents that hopefully suit all budgets and interests.


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If your father is from the ‘Silent Generation’, average mid 70’s to early 90’s, they might have very different ideas about gift giving. This generation spent some of their foundational years during the Great Depression. Thus they have an ingrained spirit of saving, using materials wisely, and not going overboard with extravagant displays. This might coincidentally match the current generations present-day beliefs on sustainability and eco-awareness as well. Therefore, finding a hidden treasure at a good quality second hand store might be the perfect solution. They are full of affordable and one-of-a-kind gift selections. Not only are these gifts cost-effective, but they’re also sustainable alternatives to buying new. Buying used is a practical and effective way to share your eco-friendly values and makes secondhand gifts all the more meaningful. Some things just can't be bought in a retail store. Be on the lookout for handcrafted treasures and other rarities. You may uncover something truly special to give.

  • Collectibles -can be anything dad collects and enjoys. Coins, war memorabilia, model cars, map prints, clocks, you name it.
  • One-of-a-Kind Finds -secondhand shops are great for these kinds of gems, especially in the art and history categories.
  • Vintage -antiques are prized for their age. A few ideas include vintage men’s watches, cufflinks, old copies of classic books, vinyl records, and furniture.

Right now a huge warehouse sized consignment shop that covers the entire Bay area, The Local Flea, has an excellent inventory of useful as well as unique gifts for Father’s Day. And maybe even more importantly, buying these rescued items saves them from ending up in landfills. Just a few selections to browse for dad:


Gym Equipment: stair climbers, fitness bicycles, Bowflex Home Gym, treadmills, workout benches, and more!

Fathers DaySports & Outdoor: bowling balls, ping pong tables, bikes, snowboard, camping tent, outside heater, mountain bike.

Musically Inclined: vintage record players and radios, amplifiers, speakers, Bose Home Music theatre.

LED & HD TVs: Sony, Samsung, LG- at great prices!

Chairs: how about a Lazy Boy Recliner, or a massage chair? What dad wouldn’t love one of those!

Instruments: so many gorgeous ideas, from snare drum sets, to guitars, to keyboards, autoharps, and digital pianos.


Liquid Gifts

Those ‘monthly’ clubs really are wonderful ideas and keep the gift-giving going all year long. If pop is the kind of guy who likes to relax with a cocktail, giving him a wine subscription is a thoughtful idea. Packages range from a ‘flight’ a month, to a selection of the best $10 finds 12 times a year. And for father’s on the go, a coffee subscription would definitely satisfy him. Some services allow customers to fill out a survey that will create a profile of their preferences and then choose from 100’s of roasters to share a perfect monthly selection. And of course there are very hardy beer and whisky-of-the month subscriptions too.

The Master Griller

Many men love to get behind a grill and show-off their cooking skills for family and friends. Consequently all manner of grilling related gifts that are fun, meaningful, and useful have been born. Here are a few ideas:


Spice & Seasoning Set

A Portable Grill: camping or tailgating, ideal for either.

Personalized BBQ Tool Set

Durable Apron

Made from hardy material; can be used in a tool shop or with his outside brick oven. Personalize for a special touch.

Personalized Chef Knife

Bet this is one he hasn’t seen before.

Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

Looking at purchasing gifts, or any products, it is always considerate to do some research into items made from recycled or sustainable materials. Not only does this support the environment in so many ways, from reducing emissions, saving raw materials, and supporting the recycling initiative, it also shows a thoughtfulness and awareness about the importance of environmental action. Some fun suggestions coming to us from Earth911.

  • Make A Donation- chose an earth-friendly, eco-friendly cause in his name. Causes range from helping reduce pollution, to aiding animals, or remote villages getting clean drinking.
  • Organic Grooming Products
  • Organic Snack Basket
  • Plant A Tree- trees offer shade, produce fruit, and keep the air clean. Plant one in dad’s honor and generations will enjoy it for years to come. Consider gifting a tree that will be planted as part of Amazon rainforest restoration.
  • Organic Clothing- undershirts, briefs, t-shirts, and socks are just a few of the clothing items that dad will always need and are now made from organic, recycled, or sustainable materials. No more fast fashion!





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