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Tara Dickinson
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Trendy and Fun Gift Ideas for All Summer Celebrations

We’ve just come out of a rainy spring time, and everyone is ready for sun and outdoor fun. Summer gift ideas highlight favorite summer activities, such as gardening, grilling, and beach-going. There are birthdays, graduations, weddings, and national holidays to all celebrate during the summer months: Father’s Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. We gathered DIY, inexpensive, creative, eco-friendly, and all manner of summer specific gift ideas that will delight kids, teens, families, and everyone in between. Read on for some trendy and fun suggestions for presents to excite everyone.


Support the Planet

Thankfully the retail industry is seeing a large trend in shifting towards eco-conscious and sustainable product production. This gives consumers the opportunity to support businesses that help the planet. As well as having the option of being able to purchase items that have been made in a sustainable manner, using fair-trade, fair-wage, reduced carbon footprints, and ethical practices, consumers also hold the power of the almighty dollar. The more we support earth-friendly products, the less costly they become and the greater our impact on sustaining the environment for a healthy planet.

MADE OF- Baby & Personal Care Products: sunscreens, lotions, and more.

Certified organic; charitable giving; fair trade; low carbon footprint; sustainable; no animal testing. Believes the fundamental component of family health is dependent on the everyday products they use.

EARTHHERO- Men’s & Women’s Clothing, Sunglasses, Bags, Footwear and more. Organic; fair wage; green carbon footprint; local; non-GMO; people before profits. EarthHero is a website platform offering eco-friendly, personal, and home care products. This is a FANTASTIC site to find green gifts for literally everyone, even the pets!


Themed Baskets

A personalized gift basket full of amazing goodies is always an enjoyable gift to receive (and fun to put together for your giftee!). Some basket themes for summer include:

  • Beach basket- super absorbent beach towel; sun screen; water bottles; sun glasses; swim goggles; good books; and reusable straws.
  • Movie night basket- healthy snacks; cozy blanket and socks; gift subscription to movie channels; popcorn flavorings; scented candles to set the mood.
  • Game basket- puzzles; board games; activity books; playing cards; dominos; dice; snacks; or magic tricks for kids.
  • Graduation gift basket- rolled up cash; gift cards to restaurants and grocery stores; college survival guide books; exercise gear; latest tech gadgets.

Self-Made & Thoughtful DIY Summer Gifts

  • A handmade card with 3D elements. Add dried flowers, paper pop-up elements, stickers, photos, sea shells, and other meaningful decorations for your recipient.
  • Gifts for foodies- summer themed cookies: iced beach balls, watermelon shapes, ice cream cones, sea gulls, and any other summer type element.
  • Mini succulent planter- plants symbolize growth, which make them the perfect gift for grads, older kids, and actually anyone. They’re very chic and last a long time. It is easy to separate into small glass containers, add stones and tie with some raffia ribbon. 

Unique Summer Gifts To Celebrate the Season

  • Outdoor speaker that looks like a lamp.
  • A projector for indoor and outdoor movies.
  • Waterproof cameras.
  • Floats, noodles, rafts, and other fun water toys.
  • BBQ related items- utensils; glazes, sauces and marinades; portable grills; aprons and cookbooks.
  • Gardening gifts- seed packets; flower pots; gardening tools; organic gardening books; gardening gloves; garden markers or stones for identifying herbs and plants. 

Summer Decor Gifts

Gifts to give friends that have beach homes or beach style decor themes in their summer places encompass a variety of ideas for lovely home accessories they’ll cherish forever. This can include personally-made artwork, to vintage finds, to one-of-a-kind artistic creations. Some traditional beach gift accents to consider:

  • Barware
  • Baskets: wicker, rattan, canvas
  • Driftwood art
  • Navigational elements: compasses, clocks, map prints
  • Painted wood signs
  • Seashells, starfish, or sea glass collections
  • Wind chimes


With a touch of creativity, a bit of whimsy, and some thought into what your giftee would appreciate, it can be good fun hunting down the perfect summertime gift that your loved one will cherish forever. And remember, don’t hesitate to shop second-hand first. You're sure to find hidden gems as well as sharing your values in supporting eco-conscious practices.


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