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Tara Dickinson
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Crate & Barrel defines itself as, “An international destination for contemporary and modern furniture, housewares and decor that help people welcome life in. Our lifestyle brands offer inspired living through high-quality products, exclusive designs, and timeless style." So the Crate and Barrel style can quickly be summarized as contemporary-style furniture that fits with modern and traditional home decor styles.

  • They collaborate with artists and designers from around the world, from the U.S. to Thailand curating inspired designs to deliver unique products in the everyday home decor category.
  • Crate and Barrel has a hipper less expensive line called “CB2”. Still, highly designed furniture and home decor with contemporary and rediscovered vintage pieces, which all lean towards a more modern vibe.
  • CB2 might be defined as modern minimalist, with a heavy nod towards mid-century modern design, appealing to a younger market who is more inclined to enjoy directional spaces.

Let’s break down the different features from color, furniture, accents, and everything in between to compile the Crate and Barrel home style guide.

Crate and Barrel Style Guide Outline

The essence of this decor rests on a sleek and uncluttered foundation.

  • Neutral walls or rich, deep earthy colors.
  • Think clean lines, simplicity, and lack of embellishment.
  • Accents are kept to a minimum; any limited accessories are curated with purpose.
  • Furniture can come in shiny durable upholstered textures, leather textures, or velvets with smooth lines.
  • Colors run in the earth and neutral range, with primary-related hues as mild accents, but hardly ever patterns on the main stage. Solid prints for fabrics.
  • Efficient, and streamlined.


  • MODERN FURNITURE STYLE- Crate and Barrel style is first and foremost a modern home decor collection. Modern means blending streamlined design and function.
    • A Crate and Barrel modern-styled home will have furniture pieces arranged in a visually interesting layout.
    • With a range of options in the modern collection, you can find a unique style that fits your aesthetic.
    • Crate and Barrel’s modern furniture has a clean look that is also current with year’s trending timeless designs.
    • Traditional home decor themes would use more of the wood-finished Crate and Barrel pieces.

    • Refined
    • Bold.
    • Elegant
    • Clean-lined contemporary classics. 

  • COMFORTABLE FURNITURE STYLE- Comfort meets style to create a beautiful and livable space.
    • Mix and match details such as wood finished furniture in varying degrees and upholstery in contrasting or complementary colors.
    • Casual family dining areas in the Crate and Barrel style use multifunctional furniture such as kitchen carts, storage ottomans, bookcases with doors and media stations.

  • Living Room Furniture Sets and Collections- with 15 different collections, the range of styles available in a Crate and Barrel designed home are expansive. Trying to summarize, the style can be described as:
    • Comfortable and timeless in The Gather Collection.
    • The Wells Collection is purely timeless in sets of three leather pieces.
    • Hand-tufted in a range of colors, the Petrie Collection is classic comfort that grows richer with age.
    • Crisp clean lines with updated styles in the Ocean Collection pair with modern accents.
    • All collections are elegant and chic.
  • Dining Room Crate & Barrel Style- rich, sophisticated shapes, textures, and colors make up the Crate and Barrel dining decor style.
    • Sculpted geometrical features.
    • Perfectly angular rectangles from slim to bold and study designs.
    • Each with precise lines, polished surfaces, and a feeling of elegance.

  • Bedroom Crate & Barrel Style- the bedroom style of Crate and Barrel is like the other home furnishings in their collection, clean-lined, elegant, chic, and modern.

Home Office Crate & Barrel Style- Neutral tones, wood and metal frames, modern outlines, and sleek looking structures. This sums up the look of a Crate and Barrel styled home office.

  • The pieces in the office Crate & Barrel home decor selection have a variety of styles that could fit in anything from a Rio Inspired home, to a Presidential Styled office, to absolutely a Mid-Century Modern home workspace.
  • Angular, straightforward, efficient design with polished elegance.


Crate and Barrel shine in the accent department! They specialize in collections of:

  • Baskets.
  • Boxes.
  • Bowles.
  • Candles and lanterns.
  • Dried & faux flowers.
  • Mirror.
  • Pillows and throws.
  • Sculptures and figurines.
  • Trays.
  • Vases.
  • Wall decor, art, and garlands.

Rather than going overboard on your ornaments, take time to choose pieces that will add that sweet touch to a space and be noticed. There is no excessiveness in a Crate and Barrel style home.

OUTDOOR Crate And Barrel Style

  • Classic, timeless, all-weather wicker.
  • Crafted wood that meets the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® and concrete pieces.
  • Clean color sets for summer.
  • Neutral color sets for fall and winter.
  • Accents same as inside the home: baskets, candles, throws, pillows, and side tables.


Crate & Barrel, Crate & Kids, and CB2 are high quality and considered the international destination for modern, lasting furniture and home decor including sofas, bedroom furniture, bedding, and more. Committed to crafting sustainably sourced, quality-tested products using responsible materials, they have partnered with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) to offer FSC-certified sustainable furniture since 2018. The textiles are tested to National Standards to ensure the highest quality products, and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® labeled upholstery and 100% certified organic cotton.




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