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It feels almost impossible to nail down an overarching style that summarizes decor in America as She truly is the melting pot of the world. Almost every decor style guide can find a home in the United States, from Asian to Latin all the way to European and South American. The main styles as they range across the country are Colonial which started with our forefathers; the simple Farmhouse style of the agricultural states; Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School style of the Midwest; the Southwestern desert style which is a mixture of Native American and Spanish; the Art Deco styles of Miami and Hollywood; and lastly the west coast styles that line the Pacific ocean states.


Top Ten American Style Guides In Review

  1. Chicago Inspired Style Guide
  2. Hollywood California Style
  3. Key West Home Style Guide
  4. Las Vegas Style Guide
  5. Miami Home Decor Style Guide
  6. Napa Style Guide
  7. New Mexico Style Guide
  8. New Orleans Style Guide
  9. Palm Beach Style Guide
  10. Texas Inspired Style Guide


Chicago Inspired Style Guide

This famous Midwest metropolis has a vibrant energy all its own. There are several ways to impart Chicago’s unique vibe into your home. From the merging with nature concept founded by Frank Lloyd Wright to the streamlined and more austere look of the industrial style, to the jazzy opulent lounge clubs of the 20s, to enjoying a night camping in the great outdoors by embracing the Midwest woods and warmth design.

  • Chicago has a wide range of refurbished spaces in the manufacturing sectors where warehouses have been upgraded to residential living. Here the Industrial Style is prevalent, with metal details, a vintage throwback feel, large windows, brick, and exposed pipes.
  • Another popular style addition for Chicagoland is hometown pride found in memorabilia that captures the city and reminds you of Chicago.
  • One unique feature is the retro “supper club” look you’ll find in northern Illinois and other Midwest regions. Elements include rustic decor, relaxed setting, old-fashioned comfort, soft lighting, and wood paneling.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright made Chicago his home and experimental design oasis. Wright’s design is often called Prairie Style, inspired by the flat, long landscapes of the Midwest. Additional elements are living plants, natural materials, a nature-inspired color palette- green, brown, and gray, vintage vases, and geometric patterns on tile floors.


Hollywood California Style

Known by both names, Hollywood Regency and Hollywood Glam, this is a style of decor that draws from the timeless appeal of old Hollywood glitz and decadence. Structural elements of Art-Deco, bold, contrasting colors thrown against a palette of neutrals, sets the foundation for this style. A retro Mid-Century Modern theme with solid prints and clean lines in furnishings, plus an ornamented flair for opulence.

Bring on the glitz! Over the top, but not gaudy. Rich, elegant, and opulent.

Sensual fabrics in animal or floral prints.

Not the ornate stuffiness of the Victorian rich era, but more gold and silver finishes, with clean lines and luxurious accents.

A bit of asymmetry works, applying crisscross and zig-zag designs.

Luxury and decorative showpieces should take center stage.

Take advantage of color and texture contrasts to admire featured elements.

Allow the drama and romance of the silver screen to come into play, mixing different textures and artistic calls to the historic.


Key West Home Style Guide

Key West style is all about Caribbean-tropical carefree beach life and a small-town vibe. Key West decor is born from a combination of the island’s Bahamanian immigrants and British Colonial influences. The overarching tropical style is laid-back and carefree, similar to a beach cottage style with a few additional nuances. Decorating with Key West flair means:

Bahama shutters.

Bright colors.

Comfortable, eclectic furnishings (think painted reclaimed furniture).

Lush tropical plants (real or faux palm fronds).


Nature-inspired easy-care fabric.

Rich textures.

Seaside accessories: mounted fish, conch shells, posters, bright wall art.

Whimsical touches.

Woven ceiling fans (indoors or covered porch).


Las Vegas Style Guide

The home decor style of a Las Vegas house is diverse and full of high-class elegance as you might expect from such an opulent city. There is no way to define Las Vegas home design in one set style; it’s an eclectic mix that might be summarized as a merge of vintage glamour with modern high-class sophistication. Vegas decor calls for ultra-modern refinement and opulence. That means the color palette can range from sleek and clean black and white to rich tones of royal jewels.

Colors: black and white; shades of grey; gold and other metallics; jewel tones.

Furniture pieces are excessive grandeur in ornate furnishings and accents, plush textures, and bold colors.

Compelling nature elements from the surrounding desert.

From Renaissance style to abstract, and modern expressionism, art elements play a big role in Vegas-style home decor. You’re looking for chic pieces that will transform your home into a luxurious respite.


Miami Home Decor Style Guide

Miami decor has a unique aesthetic with its bold interior design style, exuding a sleek and upscale vibe, with interiors that range from art deco dramatic, to white on white modern minimalism, to the more up-and-coming current styles of sustainable materials and contemporary naturalism.

The basic foundation, besides the art deco decor, is a style of white and neutral color palettes accented with bolder artworks and furnishings.

A combination of modern elements, a touch of natural beauty, and an overall essence of sophistication.

Light-colored marble flooring and white walls are an ideal backdrop to enhance the furnishing style you desire, from contemporary to modern, to minimal, to art deco, or nature-inspired.

Interior design elements like clean sleek home décor combined with a hint of glitz in the accent pieces are key.

Palm trees.

Vibrant colors.

Hits of glamor.


Napa Style Guide

Napa’s history is rooted in European family legacies that began in the late 1800s. Much of what the Napa home decor style comes down to starts with the materials used in the building, the home, the furniture, the flooring, kitchen counters, and accents. When decorating in Napa Valley-style you want as much natural material as possible, such as the following which is all found in Napa homes:

Whitewashed wood.

Natural wood.

Reclaimed wood.

Brick- lighter colors versus the red brick used more often.

Natural greenery.

Marble or granite, especially in kitchen countertops.


New Mexico Style Guide

New Mexico-style interiors incorporate a stylish mix of modern design, Navajo patterns, and eclectic colorful touches that result in a visually pleasing home decor style. It’s an interesting and stimulating look that also shares a depth of warmth and casual relaxation.

Surround the home in nature, including natural fibers, different textural elements, and earth tones that incorporate terra cotta, cream, and tan.​​

Southwestern looks mainly feature natural elements in everything from furniture to art to accessories that translate into works inspired by the surrounding natural beauty.

Home decor celebrates the region’s rustic look with rooms decorated in mid-century furnishings.

Using natural materials in furniture design is also quite popular.

Set off a space with Navajo or other tribe-inspired art and crafts work that is saturated with the First People’s artistic patterns and design elements.


New Orleans Style Guide

New Orleans style is sexy. The city gives off a vibe of romance and heady sensuality by embracing the worn patina and long history of European settler’s influences. A mixture of beautiful antiques, saturated colors, and spaces created to entertain rule the style attitude of the city. A true melting pot of America, the style and culture of New Orleans are rich, diverse, and seething with luxurious design appeal. New Orleans has a combined culture that’s a composition of the unique fusion of African, Caribbean, English, French, Haitian, and Spanish heritages.

Antique furniture.

Bold colors.


Clever improvisation to give timeless classics new life.

Crumbling plaster as a decorative element.

European influences laced throughout.

Jazz and Mardi Gras-inspired art.


Statement pieces.

Velvet covered seating in rich hues.


Palm Beach Style Guide

The home decor style that emerges from the small coastal town of Palm Beach in South Florida is one of vibrant colors, and energetic fun patterns, with furniture pieces in wicker and rattan, and tropical accents. It’s a breezy beach style of laid-back sophistication that enjoys vintage European roots. It’s actually quite an eclectic mix that might sound hard to pin down and recreate but the general outline of design styles to observe are as follows:

Natural textures.

Bold, colorful design.

A neutral base with fun prints and patterns.

Textures of rattan and wicker.

Signature colors: flamingo pink, lime green, bright blues, sunny yellow.

Motifs: palms fronds and trees; zebras, pineapples, bamboo, flamingos.


Texas Inspired Style Guide

A well-designed Texas home is a blending of the rustic country style with some of the newer, sleeker modern design elements. Decor features associated with the southern state: cowhides, rustic decor, copper, stone, antlers, and of course the Texas Star.

Choose pieces from nature, made from natural materials.

Stone flooring.

Rattan or reclaimed furnishings.

Touches of wood from a farming way of life.

Ranching style leather.

Artisan accents with a mixture of metal and secondhand gems.



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