How to Identify Vintage Thomasville Furniture

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Thomasville Furniture is well-known for its quality and style, lasting for many years and making any home look beautiful. If you're interested in antique furniture, learning how to recognize vintage Thomasville pieces can be both fun and possibly a smart investment.

This guide will help you learn how to tell if furniture is really from Thomasville by looking at its marks, understanding its designs, and knowing where to find it.

Getting to Know Thomasville Furniture

The Thomasville Chair Company established Thomasville, North Carolina, in 1904. At first, they only made chairs but later expanded to all kinds of furniture. They quickly became one of the top furniture makers. To identify vintage Thomasville furniture, you must understand the craftsmanship and history behind its creation.

Why Marks and Labels are Important

Look for the manufacturer's label.

Thomasville typically labels their pieces with the brand and, often, the year of manufacture. You typically find this label inside drawers or on the back of furniture. A label helps confirm that the furniture is genuinely from Thomasville.

Serial number and style number

You might also find a serial number or style number on the furniture. These numbers can provide precise manufacturing dates for furniture, particularly for pieces made after the 1950s.

Key Features of Vintage Thomasville Furniture

What Materials Were Used?

Vintage Thomasville furniture is famous for using high-quality woods like mahogany, cherry, and walnut. The type of wood used can often tell you about the time period in which the furniture was made, with older pieces usually made from darker wood.

Look at the Craftsmanship

Thomasville furniture's manufacturing process demonstrates its quality. Look for detailed carvings, strong joints, and original handles or knobs. These features can help you tell if the piece is genuinely vintage and from what time period it comes.

Where to Find Vintage Thomasville Furniture

Check Antique Shops and Estate Sales.

These places are great for finding vintage furniture, including Thomasville. Always check the furniture closely to make sure it's real and in good condition before you buy it.

Look Online

Websites like eBay, Etsy, and Craigslist are also good places to look for vintage Thomasville furniture. Always ask the seller for lots of photos and details to make sure the furniture is real.

How to Make Sure It's Genuine Thomasville Furniture

Talk to Experts

If you're new to buying vintage furniture, it might help to talk to someone who knows a lot about Thomasville furniture. They can look at photos or the furniture itself to tell if it's real.

Use Old Catalogs for Reference.

You can compare the furniture you're looking at with pieces made in the past by looking at old Thomasville catalogs. This can verify the authenticity of the piece and its supposed historical period.

Taking care of your vintage Thomasville furniture

Cleaning the Right Way

By gently cleaning your vintage Thomasville furniture, you can keep it looking great. Don't use strong cleaners that could damage the wood. Dusting and polishing it carefully will keep it looking its best.

Store it Properly

Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight and in a place where the humidity doesn't change too much. This helps prevent the wood from warping or cracking.


Collecting vintage Thomasville furniture isn't just about having old pieces in your home. It's about enjoying beautiful craftsmanship that brings style and character to your space. Knowing how to identify and take care of these pieces can help them stay beautiful and valuable for many years.

FAQs About Vintage Thomasville Furniture

How can I make sure a piece of furniture is really vintage Thomasville?

Check for labels and serial numbers and compare them with old Thomasville catalogs, or ask an expert.

Is it okay to use vintage Thomasville furniture every day?

Yes, you can use this sturdy furniture every day if you take good care of it.

Where's the best place to sell vintage Thomasville furniture?

You can sell it through respected antique dealers or online sites that specialize in vintage furniture.

What should I avoid when taking care of vintage Thomasville furniture?

Don't let it get too moist or too dry; keep it out of direct sunlight; and don't use harsh cleaners.

Understanding the unique qualities of Thomasville furniture helps collectors and fans make smart choices when buying or caring for these elegant pieces.

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