Ashley Furniture Nightstands

A nightstand, or bedside table, is an essential component in every bedroom. It's the perfect place to hold the things you'd like to keep within arm's reach.
No matter what style of decor you're seeking, Ashley Furniture has what you need to create your ideal bedroom.


Find the right style to make sure that your Ashley Furniture nightstands fit the look of your room.



Ashley furniture nightstands come in the farmhouse decor style, which is a merger of rustic and industrial styles.
Modern & Mid-century Modern

Modern & Mid-century Modern

Many Ashley furniture nightstands come in modern and mid-century modern designs. This style seamlessly blends functionality and sleek composition.
Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic

Many Ashley furniture nightstands will work perfectly in homes with a shabby chic decor style. The pretty, petite little side tables come in a gently distressed, weatherworn finish that complements the charm of a romantic, shabby chic room.


Keep the below characteristics in mind to easily customize the look of your Ashley furniture nightstands for your home.


  • Faux leather
  • Glass
  • Iron
  • Metal
  • Wood


  • Contemporary
  • Costal
  • Farmhouse
  • Glam
  • Industrial
  • Mid-century modern
  • Modern


Professional decorators advise that your Ashley furniture nightstands should be 24 to 36 inches off the floor.

Drawer Count


1 Drawer

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Environmental Sustainability & Responsibility

hand with leafAshley Home Furniture takes several actions toward their environmentally aware mission and carbon footprint reduction so you can feel good about purchasing an Ashley Furniture nightstand.

Energy Reduction

Ashley owns energy-efficient trucks, a green fleet, that use less gas and oil. They are an EPA Certified SmartWay carrier and have to submit information annually to remain certified.

Energy Conservation

All new facilities are outfitted with LED light bulbs. In 2021, one factory switched to LEDs and saved 49% at that site alone. In 2022, they are committed to transitioning all facilities to LEDs.

Renewable Energy

Ashley Furniture is continuing to offset electricity emissions and reduce carbon footprint. In 2019, Ashley began a company-wide solar panel installation initiative.

Waste Management

Ashley Furniture packaging materials are recyclable, and they recycle at all their plants. They’ve recycled: 85,000 tons of wood, 471 tons of plastic, 5,768 tons of cardboard, 1,098 tons of metal, and more.

Resource Preservation

They are committed to resource preservation, or preserving the ecosystem for future generations through sustainable product design efforts.

Sustainable Design

They incorporate recycled and repurposed materials into their designs. They introduced the Ashley Developed Worldwide Patented Designs, which are more efficient and sustainable by nature.