Treadly Treadmill 

The minimalist design of the Treadly Treadmill is famously known and appreciated for being a reliable and efficient machine that is also really small. This ultra-thin foldable treadmill fits just about anywhere making it popular for home, office, apartment, and even dorm room use.
Treadly has 7 patents and was the 2018 winner of an international design competition for product design, the Red Dot Award.


Find the right style to ensure that your Treadly Treadmill fits your needs.

Treadly 2 Basic

Treadly 2 Basic

The Treadly Treadmill 2 Basic is extra-slim, smaller, and lighter than a standard-issue treadmill. This compact machine stands 3.7 feet tall and weighs 77 pounds. When folded up it can fit underneath a bed or couch, or rest against a wall. Comes with a remote control with on, off, pause and speed control buttons, a big red emergency stop button, and a switch from manual to automatic pacing.
Treadly 2 Pro NEW RETAIL

Treadly 2 Pro NEW RETAIL

Truly a beautifully engineered machine, the Treadly Treadmill 2 Pro has an updated handrail for smart connectivity that offers on/off control through the app., plus of course speed control buttons.


Keep the below characteristics in mind to easily customize the look of your Treadly Treadmill product for your home.


  • Noise reduction floor protectors.
  • Phone stand.
  • Remote control.

App Experience

  • Treadly Lite App
  • Treadly Community App
  • Stride profile
  • Treadly Games

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