RH (formerly Restoration Hardware) reinvented itself in 2010 to a more posh and expensive market to differentiate itself from competitors. In 2015, the RHTeen collections were launched. Its wide range of colors, textures, furnishings, and accents can be combined to create an RHTeen bedroom, hang-out space, or study nook that is timelessly classic.


Find the right style to make sure that your RHTeen space fits into the look of your home.



The Ace style leans towards a masculine feeling with dark shades of blue, driftwood browns, and charcoal greys. The artwork is bold black and white images. The look is contemporary modern with its solid angular furniture pieces, clean stylized lighting, and metal accessories.


The Classic style features pastel pink, light grey, and white with gold and bronze accents. It’s a more feminine look, embracing pink tinted linens, throws, accent chairs, and plush pillows. This style is reminiscent of Shabby Chic meets Romantic.


The Explorer style is a more gender-neutral decor option and incorporates shades of white, burnished gold and silver, and light grey. It has an overtone of Bohemian chic meets soft ski lodge comfort, with light wood beds and desks, white upholstered chairs, and creative textile accents.


The Free style features sandy beige, light greys, dusty blues, and natural and blond browns. This style is minimal and clean with a focus on wood and metal materials. Many pieces have accents of surfboards and sea-related items, skateboards, and monotone art.


The Poet style is inspired by old-world European design with a slight lean towards the French romantic. It features soft whites, pale salmon pink, and light grey, with gold, glass, and metal accents. Furnishings are a mixture of both velvet luxurious and metal framed sturdy wood pieces.


Keep the below characteristics in mind to easily customize the look of your RHTeen bedroom, study area, or hangout zone in your home.


RH Teen styles accent their rooms with contrasting elements to create visual interest:
  • Throw pillows
  • Artwork
  • Brass accents
  • Throws


RHTeen collections include lighting elements, which come in slim, elegant designs or dramatic overhead pieces:
  • Chandeliers
  • Floor lamps
  • Pendants
  • Table lamps


  • Ace
  • Classic
  • Explorer
  • Free
  • Natural
  • Original
  • Poet

For Sale at Reperch

To find pre-loved, gently used RH furnishings, including furniture from RHTeen collection, check out these brick and mortar shops in your city. Nationwide shipping is also available.

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Environmental Sustainability & Responsibility

hand with leafRH’s environmental and social efforts are implemented through their environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) programs. They are implemented by collaborating with non-profit organizations that provide or monitor ESG standards and relying on vendors that adhere to standards set by these third parties. Read on below to find out why you can feel good about your decision to purchase from an RHTeen collection.

Responsible Sourcing

The materials used in their products, paper, and Design Galleries are aligned with sustainability and environmental programs. They also work with vendors to support responsible wood sourcing.


Source Books are printed on Forest Stewardship Council Certified Catalog Paper, which helps prevent destructive practices in forestry. They also instituted initiatives to reuse and repurpose materials from Galleries and Outlets.


RH contributes merchandise donations to Habitat for Humanity. Merchandise that does do not meet their “first quality” standards are diverted from landfills and used by Habitat for Humanity.