Bench Made Modern

Bench Made Modern is now a pioneering sofa brand that benefits from Mr. Blazona’s 25 years of furniture industry experience. Defining themselves as a “rebellious luxury brand for a growing generation of design junkies from all walks of life,” Benchmade Modern offers high quality and style above all else. The company values artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, enthusiasts, and adventurers of all types who aren’t afraid of self-expression and enjoy high-quality products. The other high selling point of the Bench Made Modern brand is its quick turnaround time for completely customized pieces that are guaranteed for a lifetime.


Find the right style to make sure that your Bench Made Modern fits the look of your room.



Bench Made Modern comes in this style, which blends functionality and sleek composition. The pieces are practical and make a statement with their understated elegance. Focused on using earthy colors, natural material, and simplicity of form and function, modern decor design is a classic style that is still extremely popular today.
Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern

Bench Made Modern also comes in the mid-century modern style, which is similar to its predecessor, the modern style. Mid-Century Modern focuses on the use of clean geometric lines, with an abstract style, eliminating any banal features, and will always be considered a timeless look.


Keep the below characteristics in mind to easily customize the look of your Bench Made Modern product for your home.

Modern Collections

  • Catwalk
  • Couch Potato, Couch Potato Lite, & OG Couch Potato
  • Crowd Pleaser & OG Crowd Pleaser
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Johnny Homemaker
  • + More


  • Charles
  • Conran
  • Eileen
  • Flavin
  • Gehry
  • GLee
  • Julius
  • Keen
  • McGee
  • Meis
  • + more

Other Categories

  • Accent Chairs
  • Collection Chairs
  • Custom Chaises
  • Lighting
  • Love Seats
  • Ottomans
  • Rugs

Accent Chairs



For Sale at Reperch

To find pre-loved, gently used Bench made Modern furniture, including Bench Made sofas check out these brick and mortar shops in your city. Nationwide shipping is also available.

San Francisco Bay Area




for sale exampleRecently for sale at the Phoenix Reperch for $320, not a Benchmade brand but similar in style and design.

Environmental Initiatives

hand with leafBenchmade Modern makes its frames using low-VOC glues. They also consciously work to reduce waste and recycle materials whenever possible.